How to Deal If You're Unexpectedly Sick for a Wedding (Ugh)

Feeling under the weather is one of the worst things that can go down on the big day... Whether you’re the one tying the knot, you’re in the wedding party, or you’re attending as a guest, feeling sick can be miserable and stressful when it’s wedding time. So what’s a sickie to do? Here’s your guide! 
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

If you’re the bride or groom... 

If you’ve been feeling really ill for a week or more before the wedding, it’s best to rest up and get to the doctor to get cured, stat. But if you wake up on the morning of your wedding feeling unexpectedly unwell (like a fever, a cold or a stomach ache), it’s best to power through. It’s too late to change the date, so it’s game time! Start your morning with an at-home remedy, like drinking tea or a warm bath. Don’t hesitate to take some over-the-counter medication, too (even if it prevents you from enjoy a bottle of bubbly).
Then, minimize your activities and plans. Maybe you’d planned a breakfast and back-to-back hair appointments with your bridesmaids. Skip out on breakfast (use the extra hours for some sleep), and only show up for your own hair appointment. Whenever you have downtime, take it easy — you’ll have to skip those photos of you jumping on the hotel bed in your wedding dress. Finally, depending on how bad you really feel, you could speed up your timeline. Originally planned on three ceremony readings? Skip one or two so you can have an extra half hour to yourself. At the reception, launch the toasts or first dance earlier than expected. While the bride and groom generally stay till the end of the reception, you can make a grand exit early on and get to bed quickly. 

If you’re in the wedding party... 

First, tell the bride or groom first thing that you’re not feeling well, but don’t make a huge deal of it — they’ve got enough on their mind. If you can bear it, try to power through your wedding party responsibilities. Show up for pictures (try to smile), and force yourself down the aisle. Ask the couple if you can sit instead of stand throughout the ceremony. Do your best to cop out of anything unnecessary, like lengthy hair appointments or a group breakfast. Hopefully, the newlyweds will understand! You can leave the reception early, but try your hardest to stay through all the big events, like the cake cutting and the first dance. Once all the happenings are over and the dance party starts, you’re clear to leave — just be sure to say goodbye to the newlyweds! If you’re a guest... It’s a bummer to miss a wedding if you’re sick, but hey, it happens.
First, if you really can’t make it to the wedding, don’t stress too much. The best route is to let someone know — and by someone, we don’t mean the bride. Text someone you know in the wedding party or a relative of the couple. They’ll pass along the message. If you can, still send your gift or card in the mail. If you’re feeling so-so, consider just attending the ceremony. They can be quick and you’ll be seated for most of it. You may not get a chance to say hello to the couple, but you can let a family member or member of the wedding party that you’re ducking out after the I do’s. Your friends will appreciate that you came by!