The Secret Meanings Behind the Most Popular Wedding Flowers

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These days, weddings are all about personalization, and many couples want their big day details to be filled with meaning. Well, don't forget that flowers all carry certain meanings, making them as easy way to put your personal touch on the celebration. (And no DIY-ing necessary!)
Here are the hidden meanings behind six of the most popular flowers for weddings. What do your favorite ones say about your upcoming nuptials? 
Rose: Roses are the ultimate flowers of love. With so many colors and textures to choose from, they're easy to incorporate no matter what vibe your wedding will have.
Peony: This flower might just be the most coveted wedding bloom of late. But most people don't know that one of its hidden meanings is actually shame. (Yikes!) However, it has a ton of other more positive connotations, like compassion, good health, and a happy life. Totally cancels out the bad one.
Hydrangea: While hydrangea also has a negative meaning—heartlessness!—it also symbolizes heartfelt emotion, confusingly enough.
Anemone: A more recent addition to the popular wedding flower club, these delicate blooms symbolize anticipation... and well as the feeling of being forsaken, apparently.
Calla Lily: An enduringly popular wedding flower, Calla Lillies are representative of purity, magnificence, and beauty.
Sweet Pea: This delicate flower is a symbol of bliss, making Sweet Pea a lovely addition to your floral decor.
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