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9 Super Smart Ways to Save Big on Your Wedding Flowers

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Between bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and more, you’ll likely have more flowers at your wedding than you ever imagined possible. And the fact is, all those beautiful blooms aren't always so easy on your budget... If you're looking to minimize your spend, we’re here to help with nine smart ways to save on your wedding day flowers.

 1. Go with silk flowers.

Some people roll their eyes at fake flowers, but we don’t see why! Silk flowers can look just as beautiful as the real thing — plus, they won’t wilt during the day, and you can keep them forever. If you’re not super keen on the idea of falsies, consider using them here and there, like only for the boutonnieres or during the ceremony.

2. Shop the season. 

Having a spring wedding? Be smart and pick flowers that bloom in the spring months. Out-of-season flowers cost more for a florist to cultivate or order, which is a cost they’ll add to your bill. (P.S. Here are the best flowers from spring, summerfall, and winter.) 

3. Avoid flower-friendly holidays.

No joke, flower prices skyrocket around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Stay away from these dates to keep prices relatively lower. 

4. Consider the DIY route.

Now, fair warning: DIY wedding projects aren’t always cheaper, and they’re almost always more work. But with careful planning and shopping, buying your own flowers wholesale, shopping at a farmer’s market, or picking some from your garden can save you lots. Go in prepared!

5. Do DIY without actual flowers.

Who says your bouquet has to be made of flowers at all? We’ve seen gorgeous bouquets (and boutonnieres and centerpieces) made of paper, fabric, brooches…get creative! 

6. Stick with greenery.

Ferns, leaves, grasses, eucalyptus, and other green flora can be super pretty — and they can take up a lot of space. Use them to fill out vases and bouquets, and let a few bright, contrasting flowers make a statement.

7. Repurpose arrangements.

Your bridesmaids don’t need to hold onto their bouquets after the ceremony. Pop them into vases and spread them around the reception space! The flowers flanking the altar? Those can now adorn your cake table. 

8. Choose smaller arrangements.

While overgrown, lush florals can be stunning, there’s a soft spot in our hearts for dainty arrangements, too! We love one or two flowers placed in a small vase or single-flower boutonnieres on groomsmen. And, of course, fewer flowers means fewer dollars!

9. Limit your variety.

Yes, a mess of different types of flowers can look absolutely stunning, but it can cost a lot, too, because your florist has to order and take care of that many types of blooms. Instead, stick to one to three flower varieties. Hey, and all-hydrangea bouquet can be jaw-dropping! No matter what avenue you choose, you'll have to dedicate some of your budget to floral decor. But planning ahead and choosing carefully can help you save without compromising your style. 
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