9 Nosy Relationship Questions You Should NOT Answer This Season

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While we love spending the holidays with family and friends, we just can't deal with over-the-line unsolicited relationship inquiries! How nosy can your nearest and dearest get?? Here are nine questions you should NOT feel obligated to answer this season, no matter what.
1. Why aren't you spending the holidays together? Sound like a loaded question? If someone is suggesting that something is wrong with your relationship because you aren't celebrating together, there's no need to satisfy them with an answer.
 2. When are you getting married? You can usually see this one coming from a mile away. If anyone asks when you and your main squeeze are planning to take the next step, don't feel obliged to divulge any details. 
3. How much money does your partner make? This is a big no-no! Don't reveal your significant other's salary to relatives or friends. Most likely he or she doesn't want them to know (and you probably don't want your S.O. spilling the beans on your financial status, either). 
4. Do you fight often? You shouldn't field questions about disagreements or rough patches. It's risky to disclose such personal details that could hurt your better half if he or she finds out. 
5. What sacrifices have you both made for each other? If one person has compromised a great deal more than the other, you don't want your family and friends to make unfair assumptions about your relationship.
 6. Will you live together before marriage? Unless you're super open with your family and friends, it's best not to talk about moving in together before it actually happens. Everyone will have an opinion.
 7. What do you dislike about your partner? This question is an invitation for disaster. Now is not the time to go on a rant about your S.O.'s pesky habits. It's too easy for information you casually mention to be taken out of context. 
8. How much money are you spending on your wedding? If you're getting married, don't dish on the cost of your wedding. Avoid uninvited financial advice by skipping all big day budget talk, period. 
9. When are you having kids? If you're recently married, you're bound to get this question. Don't feel compelled to answer (no matter how many times anyone asks...). 
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