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5 Surprises for the Newlyweds That Are Way Better Than Rose Petals

Your invitations, your way.
Did you know that traditionally, members of the wedding party sneak off during the reception to decorate the newlywed's hotel room (think rose petals, silly string, and streamers)? While these decorations are a sweet surprise for the happy couple, here are five ideas that we promise they'll love way more.

1. Surprise them with a late night pizza delivery.

 Because who couldn't use a slice of pizza after a long night of celebrating? Most of the time, the couple is so busy chatting with guests and holding down the dance floor that they forget to eat. This means post-reception, they're sure to be hungry, and a pizza could be just the ticket!

 2. Treat them to leftover wedding cake and champagne. 

If the couple didn't get the chance to eat, they also probably didn't get the chance to try their cake. Have the waitstaff box up extra slices and drop a few off in the couple's room for late-night dessert. Don't forget to leave a bottle of champs for a late night toast! 

3. Have friends and family write sweet notes. 

Ask the couples' nearest and dearest to write notes to the couple, then leave them in a basket in the hotel room. When the post-wedding blues start to settle in that night or over the next few weeks, the newlyweds can take a little walk down memory lane! 

4. Put together a wedding-worthy a hangover kit. 

Create a hangover kit to leave in the hotel room for the morning after. Make sure to include water bottles, Gatorade, Advil, carbs, and energy drinks. 

5. Arrange for breakfast in bed. 

If the couple doesn't have a post-wedding brunch to attend, arrange for room service to bring them breakfast in bed. It'll give them a chance to reminisce and recover! 
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