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What to Expect When You're Planning a Wedding While Pregnant

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Some major congratulations are in order — you’ve got some big changes coming up (and a big day to plan)! Balancing all of that wedding prep with the responsibilities of expecting a child can be tough, but it doesn’t have to totally overwhelm you. Keep these tips in mind while planning, and you'll enjoy the process, the pregnancy, and the big day.
1. Consider the wedding date. If you've got some flexibility, scheduling the "I dos" during your second trimester (also known as the "tribester") is probably your safest bet. For most women, the morning sickness and extreme exhaustion has lifted, and while you might be showing a little bit, your bump will likely limit your dress options less than when you're further along. Of course, if your wedding date is already locked in, no worries. You'll make it work! 
2. Shop smart. Choosing a wedding dress is a little tricker when you’ve got a bun in the oven, but don't panic. You aren’t the first pregnant bride who’s shopped for a white gown, so the consultants at the bridal salon will know what sizes to suggest based on your due date (and a good seamstress will go a long way too when it comes to alterations). If you're open to a less traditional wedding day wardrobe, search for white options from popular maternity retailers like A Pea in the Pod, or brands with maternity lines, like ASOS.
While there are no rules for what expecting brides are expected to wear, many opt for an empire waist, which is a little roomier around your midsection. Looser fabrics like chiffon and organza are also popular! 
3. Prioritize comfort. Those glittery stilettos may be calling your name (and they might actually be comfortable right now), but think ahead. By the time the wedding rolls around, your feet might be swollen and the thought of carrying extra weight on tiny heels might sound not-so-appealing. If you're determined to rock your dream pumps, buy them close to the wedding date and make sure to have a back-up pair of flats to switch into. If you're just looking for height, a chunkier heel or a wedge will likely be more comfortable.
4. Build a thick skin. While we wish it wasn't the case, some people just can’t catch up with modern times, and a couple of your old-school, conservative friends or relatives may have some thoughts to share on your pre-marital pregnancy... A polite response (“I just feel so lucky to be becoming a wife and a mother.”) should fend them off, but preparing yourself for some unwanted comments is wise. Another person to consider: Your officiant, especially if you’re marrying at a religious institution. Ask about the requirements at a place of worship before booking the place. 
5. Eat and drink smart. Keep water in your hand — in a wine glass, if it makes you feel more fancy — to guarantee you stay hydrated. And while most couples have a hard time getting a bite to eat during the reception, make sure you take time to refuel to keep you and your baby energized and healthy. Ask your caterer, planner, or a friend to prepare a plate for you, and keep plenty of easy snacks on hand. Ultimately, planning a wedding while expecting requires a little extra time and thought, but other than a few small considerations, it doesn't need to change your dream wedding at all. Enjoy every moment of this beautiful experience!
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