6 Times NOT To Wear Your Wedding Ring This Summer

Your invitations, your way.
Before you cannonball into that pool, slather on your SPF, or head to the beach with your S.O., beware of hidden jewelry hazards... If you’re not careful, summer can actually take a serious toll on your most prized possessions, and we'd hate for your engagement or wedding ring to get damaged or (*gasp*) disappear! https://youtu.be/G4aQDzuffc8 To help protect you and your baubles, we teamed up with the experts at Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, who schooled us on how to avoid losing your gem to the undertow or a game of beach volleyball. Here are six times you should NOT wear your wedding ring, no matter what: Photo by Theo Milo Photography1When you’re workin’ up a sweatGot a date with Barry’s Bootcamp? Off to meet your CrossFit crew? Think twice before you keep that sparkler on, because your hard-earned sweat can actually make sterling silver jewelry tarnish quickly. Oh, and if you can help it, don’t just toss your treasured ring in your gym bag, especially without a place to lock it up. Instead, store it in a safe spot at home.2When you’re slathering yourself in sunscreen or bug sprayBackyard cookouts, sunbathing by the pool, and long evening walks are key to a summer well spent, but sunblock and bug spray are a must. Unfortunately, both products can get easily stuck in the crevices of chains and prongs, becoming difficult to clean and forming a film on your ring making it appear dull and dingy. Carefully remove your jewelry before applying any sort of cream or spray, and beware of your slippery hands when putting it back on.3When you’re in direct sunlightYes, we know you want to show off the sparkle-factor, but did you know that the sun can actually bleach certain materials (especially natural elements and some plastics)? If you know you’ll be spending a lot of time in the sun, consider leaving your ring at home, and out of the heat. Thankfully, Jewelers Mutual ® can help you protect your ring if it does become a victim to summer’s strong rays…4When swimming in cold waterThe cold temperature of the water in pools, oceans, lakes, and rivers actually causes your finger size to shrink temporarily. When this happens, rings can easily slip off the finger without your knowledge, until it’s way too late. R.I.P. ocean-bottom-dwelling jewelry!5When hanging in a hot tub or swimming poolIt fits your finger and holds your heart, so why risk it with chlorine or salt water? They can seriously damage and discolor metals such as gold and platinum, and can slowly erode the finish and polish of gemstones. Jewelers Mutual perfectly tailored their policies to your lifestyle to always protecting you from loss, theft, damage, and mysterious disappearances, no matter where in the world you swim to.6When getting your hands dirty in the gardenWhile you may not realize it, dirt and small rocks can be very abrasive to jewelry. And if it’s not cleaned immediately after planting or picking, your ring can become permanently damaged. Give yourself peace of mind by getting it protected, but try to remove all jewelry before getting your hands dirty.No matter what the season, it’s always good practice to bring your rings to a professional jeweler for regular inspections and cleanings. And in case of an emergency, jewelry insurance is a must.Get My Insurance Quote 
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