10 Must-Have Getting Ready Glam Shots You NEED to Take on Your Big Day

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On your wedding day, you want to make sure that your photographer captures some glam shots of you and your bridal party. And usually, the moments hours before your wedding ceremony are the most intimate and real because your family and close friends are there helping you do everything, from buttoning up the back of your dress to keeping you relaxed and in good spirits before you say "I do." So when the photographer arrives, the goal is to have them capture some original, candid shots of you and your bridal party having a good time and getting you ready for your walk down the aisle. We've prepared a list of 10 must-have shots you need to pass along to the photographer before they start snapping away on your big day.
1. Matching 'maids in robes: Always a fun trend to take on for the morning of the wedding. getting ready photos Robes by Domenica Domenica 2. Pour it up, pour it up! It's never too early to celebrate your last few moments before you tie the knot with the girls.GETTING READY PHOTOS Photographer Olivia Leigh 3. Opening a few gifts: Everyone wants to see your reaction to the heartfelt gifts from close friends and family. getting ready photos Photographer Our Labor of Love 4. Putting on your makeup: This is beauty in the making, by all means. It must be captured! getting ready photos
  1. Event Design Lyndsey Hamilton Events , Photographer Alison Conklin Photography
5. Putting on the dress: This classic and timeless shot is a given for the wedding album. getting ready photos
  1. Event Design Lyndsey Hamilton Events , Photographer Alison Conklin Photography
6. First reactions to the dress: This is when the "oh my gosh you're getting married" reality finally sinks in for everyone. Priceless! getting ready photos Photographer Temi Coker 7. Flower girl bonding: Capture the sweet exchange between you and the littlest members of your bridal party. getting ready photos
  1. Photographer Valorie Darling Photography,  Wedding Planner CAKE Events
8. Let's say a quick prayer: Whether you're praying or just taking a quiet moment with your lovely ladies, ask your photographer to get up close and personal to snap a very intimate moment of the bridal party. You won't regret it.getting ready photos Photographer Elisabetta Lilly 9. Strapping on those heels: Come on now, this shot is almost as important as the dress moment. getting ready photos Photographer Elisabetta Lilly 10. A special moment with mom: It could be grandmother's pearls or your something old (or both!), but a moment with your mom or favorite mother-figure is a must! getting ready photos
  1. Venue Barn of Chapel Hill,  Photographer  Ally and Bobby Photography

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