21st-Century Mantras for Brides

Get ready to plan like a pro.
Today's brides have a whole new set of challenges. From digital inspiration overload to unrealistic big day expectations set by social media and the Internet, there are so many stressors for the 21st-century bride. Before you get completely overwhelmed and decide to elope, take a deep breath and repeat after us. Here are ten mantras that every nearlywed should practice in order to minimize anxiety and tension. brides_wedding_shoes Photo by Jana Williams Photography via Every Last Detail. 1. "I will cherish our engagement and not rush to share the news on social media." So many couples miss some of the magic of their engagement because they're too busy posting the perfect engagement ring selfie to Instagram, determining the most poignant caption, or changing their relationship status to engaged. Make sure to savor the moment before you dive into planning. 2. "I will not Pinterest shame." There are so many beautiful weddings on Pinterest and if you compare your wedding to each and every one of them, you're bound to feel some pressure. Don't shame your big day plans just because they're different from what you see on social media. 3. "I will not focus on getting my wedding featured." Your "I dos" is about you and your partner, not about which blog or magazine it will appear in. This phrase will remind you to not get so wrapped up the details and to enjoy your big day while it's happening. 4. "I will use an arsenal of apps and websites to save money." You've got the wedding world at your fingertips and you will use all your tools to ensure you get the big day you've always wanted. And, don't forget to stick within your budget. Repeat this phrase to remind yourself that you can do this. 5. "I will not get stressed out with DIYs found on the net." If you're not a DIYer, don't make yourself into one just for your nuptials. There are so many DIYs out there and not everyone is meant to do them. It's totally okay and you can focus on something else. 6. "I will not compare my big day to others I see on Facebook." It's easier now more than ever to see the weddings of friends, family, and those people you haven't talked to since high school. Make a conscious effort not to compare your "I dos" to others, and your celebration will inevitably be better. 7. "I will do my research on vendors through all means necessary." There are so many ways to digitally stalk your vendors before committing and you should do every one of them. Read reviews, check out their portfolios, look at their social media accounts, and even email with their past clients before signing on the dotted line. 8. "I will be present in my relationship and unplug when I can." Repeat this phrase to remind yourself to enjoy little moments with your S.O. instead of being on your phone. Emails, Instagram snaps, wedding planning details, and text messages can wait. 9. "I will not freak out when someone posts an unflattering photo of me on my wedding day." Don't let the things you can't control drag you down. Just remember that every bride or groom has an angle that they don't like or a photo they wish wasn't published online. 10. "I will let social media inspire my wedding, not define it." Most importantly, don't let expectations ruin your wedding. You should feel inspired by the digital world, but at the end of the day, your wedding is about love. Remember that building a marriage that lasts longer than just that one day.
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