4 Tips for Having a Fun Dry Wedding

There are several reasons you may be considering having a fun dry wedding. If you and your families just aren't big drinkers, if you or close family members have problems with alcohol, or if a bar bill simply isn't in your budget, an alcohol-free wedding may make sense. Want to make sure your dry wedding is still a blast? Here are some tips for making it work.
1. Have a morning or daytime wedding. While you certainly can serve alcohol at a brunch or lunch wedding (many people do!), people are less likely to expect it at an earlier wedding...or to miss it. 
2. Re-think the entertainment. Some people are comfortable cutting a rug without a drop of booze in their system, while others can't get on the dance floor without a few brews to loosen up first. If you think a dry wedding may make your guests too shy to dance, consider other types of wedding entertainment: lawn games, an a cappella group, the shoe game, wedding mad libs, or even board games. (Hint: you may still want to have a DJ to set an upbeat mood and to emcee the event.) 
3. Serve a signature punch. Even if you're skipping the signature cocktail, a party punch will definitely make things feel more festive and celebratory. 
4. Consider letting your bridal party and close family members know in advance that it will be a dry wedding. Then they can help spread the word to other guests if it comes up before the wedding. For example, your college roommate might bring her baby if she knows she isn't going to be getting tipsy, or perhaps your aunt and uncle wouldn't worry about arranging a DD. And if, say, your bridesmaids know that you chose to have a dry wedding because your mom is an alcoholic, they can quietly mention to any guests who they catch grumbling about the lack of alcohol. 
Ultimately, remember that having alcohol doesn't make or break a party. We've been to really fun dry weddings...and weddings that had an open bar and were still kind of meh. We hate to sound like a PSA, but if people can't have a good time at your wedding without drinking, that's their problem. 
About the author
Kellee Khalil is the Founder & CEO of Loverly. She lives in upstate NY with her fiancé and two dogs.