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4 Can't-Miss Flower Trends for Fall Brides

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Fall is a magical season — sunny, warm days, and cool, crisp nights. It offers a beautiful backdrop for planning a spectacular wedding — the heat breaks, the trees change to shades of rainbow, and the weather is pristine. But it also ushers out a season of big, showy blooms, and a pastel color palette, and welcomes in a new variety of flowers for the picking. Fall brides have a distinct and different variety of blooms to consider when planning their wedding florals. In place of pastels are more saturated, rich tones, earthy and full and bold. And while aesthetically they offer something entirely different from the varieties available to spring and summer brides, the arrangement options are still bountiful. So, how do you stay true to the season while bringing your floral vision to life? Check out these tips!

Let the season guide you

If you’ve picked a fall wedding date, chances are the allure of the season is what sealed the deal for you. So let it inspire your decor and florals! A great place to start is by selecting a strong fall color palette, which looks not only stunning against a white dress and linens, but serves as a fantastic guide to picking decor items, florals, table overlays, bridesmaid dresses, and more. Small pumpkins or gourds work nicely as place card holders, and blades of wheat or dried corn stalks add an earthy, rustic element that is unparalleled. Our favorite fall flower picks include dahlias, roses, antique hydrangeas, anemone, and calla lilies.

Incorporate non-floral elements

There are loads of interesting additions to both bouquets and centerpieces that are particularly fitting in the fall months. Succulents – all the rage right now — are without season, so you can find them year round, but they’re available in colors that play very nicely with a fall palette, and they can be a lovely addition when mixed in with flowers. Things like fiddlehead ferns, hypericum berries, pomegranates, eucalyptus, twigs, and branches are all plentiful in the fall, and can add intrigue and character that your flowers alone might not. Mix them in thoughtfully, and they have the power to bring your decor to the next level.

Consider different textures

Fall blooms tend to be lush and rich with deep, earthy tones, and certain seasonal varieties offer a stunning and unique textural element to your bouquet. If you stick with a certain color palette, you can get wild and creative with a mix of different varieties that each add their own texture and character. Mixing in greenery or other non-traditional elements can help add more variety and a complementary color palette.

Get creative with your vases

In warmer months, glass vases and pitchers work beautifully as vessels for your flowers, but in the fall it’s fun to play off the themes of the season and get more creative. Gold-plated vases, oversized antiqued silver or pewter cups, copper pots, or birch-wrapped containers all look beautiful, seasonal, and unique. Metallic tones pair especially nicely with fall colors like rusty red, burnt orange, burgundy, plum, mustard, and pomegranate. There are endless ways to stage a fall wedding that really make your flowers the star of the show… behind you, of course!
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