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6 Common Wedding Emergencies (And How to Deal)

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Anything can happen on your wedding day, but getting distracted by drama can keep you from fully enjoying your special day. Below are six emergency scenarios we've seen time and again, and our advice on how to deal. Common Wedding Emergencies

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  Scenario: The flower girl is freaking out and won't go down the aisle. How to deal: This often happens with children between ages 3 and 5, and sometimes all they need is a nap or a break from the excitement to calm down. Ask mom or dad to spend some quiet time with the little one, and if she's still stressed, find a bridesmaid or groomsman who knows her well and can escort her down the aisle. If she's absolutely refusing to do her duty, skip the flower petals. No marriage ever failed because of a flower girl with stage fright. Scenario: Your drunk uncle is giving an inappropriate speech. How to deal: Prepare for this scenario in advance by identifying friends and family members who might hit the bar a little too hard and then want to make a toast. Then, try to keep the mic away from them. If you ask your MC to introduce speakers, you'll have more control over who gets the mic. (And it doesn't hurt to let your DJ know if there is someone who shouldn't be given the chance to speak.) If your uninvited toaster is already mid-speech, ask the DJ to bring up the music as you carefully and gently take the mic away. (Hint: if you're a bridesmaid or groomsman in a wedding, you can also be the one to ask the DJ to turn up the music during a moment like this!) Scenario: The flowers are late. How to deal: Find out how much time the florist needs to get to your location and if you can delay the ceremony by a few minutes, go ahead and do that. If all else fails, say your "I dos" without flowers. You can always extend the cocktail hour slightly to accommodate the florist's arrival and setup. Scenario: Your divorced parents are fighting. How to deal: The simplest thing to do in this case is split them up: Tell your mom you need her help in the bridal suite, or ask a sibling to take one of them for a walk. Find a way to get them involved in conversations with different groups of people and be sure you sit them at different tables. Scenario: You spilled something on your dress. How to deal: Prep a bridal emergency kit before your wedding and include baby wipes, a stain-removal pen, and white chalk. Try your very best to get the stain out, then cover any remaining discoloration with fabric chalk. If the stain is somewhere you can cover it with an accessory, try moving your sash, brooch, or shrug. Scenario: It's raining. How to deal: First things first: If you're getting married outside, make a bad weather backup plan way before the big day. Rent a tent or ask your venue if they have an indoor space you could use in a pinch. If you're stuck on the day-of without a plan, it's time to call in every favor you've been sitting on. Know someone with a tent? Get them to your wedding ASAP. Is there a community center nearby that could accommodate your guests? Start calling. It may not be the perfect day you imagined, but who knows -- it could turn out better. Want more wedding advice? 5 Feelings Every Bride Has on Her Wedding Day (But No One Talks About) What to Eat and Drink on Your Wedding Day and What to Avoid Cold Feet? How to Handle Doubt Before the Big Day  
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