Everything You Need to Know About Carnations for Your Wedding

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This week's flower is the carnation.
Flower name: Carnation (Scientific name: Dianthus caryophyllus) 
Season: Spring and summer Colors available: Pink, red, white, green, purple, and yellow 
Care: Using a pair of scissors, cut the stem of the carnation at a 45-degree angle above the nodes of the stem. This will help water flow more freely to the bloom. Place cut carnations in a vase of cool water and recondition flowers (re-cut stems, change water) every 2-3 days. Carnations are sensitive, so keep them away from direct sun or excessive heat. 
Fun fact: Carnations come in single or double petal formations and their meaning can vary based on the color. Typically, pink carnations are associated with a mother's love, red carnations with affection and white with good luck. But beware: yellow carnations are most often associated with disappointment and dejection, so they may not be fitting for a wedding. 
Average wholesale cost: About $1 a stem Why we love: Carnations can bring a burst of color to your bouquet at a very little cost. These blooms are perfect as a filler flower paired with garden roses, anemones, and vine. 
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