11 Calligraphers to Follow on Instagram, Stat!

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We admit that we're slightly obsessed with calligraphy, whether it's created with a traditional pen or a modern brush. While we may have dabbled in a class or two, even our prettiest penmanship is no comparison to this absolutely stunning work. Here are eleven accounts to follow on Instagram for gorgeous hand-lettered inspiration. 1. Shannon Kirsten of @shannonkirsten.
2. Miya Russell of @layersofloveliness.
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3. Maghon Taylor of @allshewrotenotes.
4. Anna Boswell of @castcalligraphy.
5. Anne Robin of @annerobincallig.
6. Laura Hooper of @lhcalligraphy.
7. Lauren Saylor of @afabulousfete.
8. Courtney Shannon of @poppyjackshop.
9. Zorrie Lee of @sugarandchicshop.
10. Katherine Ross of @script_merchant.
11. Karla Lim of @writtenwordcalligraphy.
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