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Everything You Need to Know About Your Bridal Shower Stationery

Your invitations, your way.
With all the stunning stationery you need to think about for your big day, it's a good thing you don't need to worry about your own bridal shower. But chances are whoever's in charge of planning the event (hey there, bestie!) will have some questions about things, like the invitations, the games, the napkins. 

First things first, pick a party theme

Does the bride-to-be love brunch? Done. Does she live for champagne toasts? Bust out the bubbly! No matter what her taste, set the tone from the very start with the invitations. Make sure you include all the important information: the contact information of the hostess with the mostest, the to-be-weds' registry, and the venue's address.

The games 

A party just isn't a party without some games, right? So bring on the Bridal Bingo and the Bridal Mad Libs, and the "How well do you know the bride?" questions for a bit of harmless fun. Or, another popular way to add to the festivities is by sticking a fill-in-the-blank card in with the invitation. That way guests can share a little-known fact or story about the bride-to-be, offer words of wisdom or share a favorite recipe for the to-be-weds. Ask everyone on the invite list to send their card back to you BEFORE the shower so you can put them all together in a book to give to the bride at the end of the shower. It's a sweet and sentimental way to remember who was present at the party!

The napkins

Whether you're decorating with simple centerpieces or pulling out all the stops, let your florals dictate the party's color palette. Bring in pops of color with pretty napkins. Add a sweet note to make this detail feel more personal for the bride and all her favorite ladies. Keep it simple with the couple's names, add a their favorite quote or get fancy with cute quizzes. The best part? They make for a great keepsake item for the bride!

The menu

If you're serving a sit-down meal in honor of the bride-to-be, make sure you let everyone know what they'll be eating. A beautiful menu should do the trick! Have some printed up on paper that matches the invitations to help tie the party's theme together.

The coasters

A bridal shower was made for toasting the bride-to-be, so make sure you're setting the stage for some champagne and speeches. Create some custom coasters with a photo or the names of to-be-weds! See if there's an engagement photo the couple wants to use or pick a font and color that goes with the rest of the day's decor.

The parting gifts

While giving favors out at the end of a bridal shower isn't totally expected, it is a nice idea. Everyone love presents, after all. So talk to the bride to figure out how she wants to properly thank the women who came to celebrate with her. Once you've settled on a gift (a box of local treats, perhaps), now it's your job to wrap them up all pretty. Order some gift tags with the blushing bride's name on it for a cute touch the guests can take home.  
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