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The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Bridal Shower

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Your Bridal Shower is a very exciting and special day, but it can also be quite overwhelming. With all the excitement and emotions flowing it can be tricky to navigate what is "proper" bridal shower etiquette.  If you’re not quite sure how things are supposed to go down at your bridal shower, here is a list of the Do’s and Don’ts to help you make it through your day with ease.
If you know what day your shower is going to be, it would also be a great time to have your hair and makeup trial that morning. You get to check one of the wedding planning to-do’s off of your list and not have to fuss with it on your own? It’s a win win! DON’T leave yourself a bunch of errands for that morning, leaving yourself little time to get ready. You want your day to be relaxing and stress-free! 
DO be sure that your host has the mailing address of all that were invited; even if invites were sent via email. DON’T leave a stack of blank "Thank You" note envelopes on a table and ask the guests to fill out their own addresses. This is just not very nice; they’ve put thought and effort into the gift they’re giving you (not to mention, there will also be a wedding gift soon to follow) and it’s off putting to receive a "Thank You" note in the mail with the address in your own handwriting. 
DO include both sides of your new family. DON’T invite people to your shower that are NOT invited to your wedding. 
DO Let your host do all the planning and trust them. A shower is a gift, so being a gracious recipient still needs to apply for the party itself. Supply your host with names and addresses of those you would like to invite. All you have to do after that is show up and enjoy! 
DON’T throw yourself a Bridal Shower. Girl, if someone isn’t throwing one for you, then you just aren’t having one. A shower is a gift, to throw one for yourself is kinda like sending yourself a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day; everyone at your office will smile to your face but will roll their eyes the second they turn around! 
DO make sure someone is keeping track of who has given you which gift, so that you can write a more personal "Thank You" note to the gifter. DON’T try to keep the cards with the gift to keep track of who gave what; mistakes happen, things get moved around. DO send out your "Thank You" notes within 2 weeks of the shower. If your wedding is more than 2 weeks after your bridal shower, it could get pretty awkward if you haven’t formally thanked guests for their gifts. 
DON’T put it off. There does come a time where it has taken you too long to write your notes, that it becomes embarrassing to send them out. Make it easier for yourself by having a return address stamp or embosser and pre-writing the guests name and addresses so that you can get them out asap. You will only get busier from that point on, so there’s no better time to do them.
And above all, DO make sure you get to enjoy your guests and all of the effort and love that was put into this special event, just for you.  
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