14 Sanity-Saving Affirmations That Will Get You Through Wedding Planning

We get it; wedding planning is tough. Not only do you have to sort through all the emotions you're experiencing, but you also need to find a way to handle your partner/mom/future mother-in-law/MOH's feelings as well. And while sometimes it's good to speak your mind, there are also other times when, well, it's just better not to say anything. Not sure how you're going to make it to the big day with your sanity intact? Here are 14 bridal affirmations you should definitely say to yourself in the mirror every morning, even when they don't quite reflect how you're feeling inside.
1. I will remember that everyone just wants the best for me.
2. I will stay focused on the positive. 3. I will listen when my partner has opinions about the wedding. 4. I will smile no matter what my future mother-in-law says. 5. I will stay on budget. 6. I will keep a level head no matter what happens. 7. I will stay away from the tanning salon. 8. I will enjoy the DIY process. 9. I am the world's greatest dancer. 10. I love my dress. I love my dress. I love my dress. 11. I will say "thank you" even if I get some weird off-registry gift. 12. I will find humor in the fact that my [mother/sister/bridesmaid] keeps sharing her unwanted opinions. 13. My teeth are white enough. 14. I will remember what this day is all about. What mantras have you found helpful while wedding planning, Loverlies? -- By Claire Aven

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