How to Win As Best Man

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It’s finally happened. Your best friend decided to tie the knot and has chosen you to be his best man. All those years of indecisive talk on if she was the right one are over! On the one hand, you’re honored that you have a friend for life and that he’s entrusting you to give that big speech on his wedding day. On the other hand, you’re a bit lost on what a best man’s duties actually are. This infographic by Groomsday helps illustrate the more common best man duties to be sure you’re in tip-top shape for the big day. Here are some quick tips to get you prepared for that big role. Below are the best man duties you NEED to know: The Wedding Every Minimalist Will Love

Groomsmen Attire

As the best man, it’s your responsibility to make sure you and the other groomsmen are fitted right. You may need to go to a tailor to ensure everyone is looking sharp and fitted. Going for a formal look? Go with a shawl lapel. Casual? Go with a notched lapel. Need some suggestions? Our friends at The BlackTux have some pretty awesome tuxedos and suits for rent.

Crowdsource a Groom Gift

As if it wasn’t enough that you’re throwing a huge party for your bro and fronting the whole bill you should also expect to put together a gift with the other groomsmen for the groom. Get the groomsmen to help pitch in both ideas and benjamins for an awesome gift.

Planning the Bachelor Party

Planning out a bachelor party for your bro is no easy feat. Modern-day bachelor parties can be expensive and require tons of logistical planning. Get the other groomsmen to help coordinate and pitch in some cash to make it an unforgettable night. Coordinate some fun activities and make sure everyone’s travel logistics are in order if you’re partying out of town.

Give a Killer Best Man Speech

Oh, the speech! Undeniably, the most important responsibility of the best man. While the other groomsmen get to goof around, you have to go be a public speaker. While there aren’t really any rules on how to give your best man speech, there are some things to keep in mind. For example, not roasting the groom TOO much and making sure to compliment the bride are both solid recommendations. Focus on making it fun, unique and memorable like this one.

Be the Groom’s Support System

What the groom will need most from you is your continued support no matter what. Yes, and also to reassure him that having a farm animal as a ring bearer just may not be the brightest idea. While being the best man isn’t rocket Science this infographic will show you and your gents how to do it right and win as a best man.    
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