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7 Things You Need to Do As Soon As You Get Engaged

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Sure, you just want to bask in the sparkle of your new ring (we don't blame you), but there are some important things you need to take care of first so you can actually enjoy your newly engaged status. Here are the 7 things you need to do as soon as you get engaged.

Snap a selfie.

The ring selfies are inevitable, but many couples forget to take a post-proposal photo of themselves. Get in close and take one yourselves or ask someone nearby to snap a nice photo of you. It's a nice keepsake of the moment, even if it's just a poorly lit selfie. 

Tell the important people.

Before you share the news on social media for all to see, make a list of the important people who need to know first and start reaching out. Your bestie's going to want a phone call, your sister needs a little FaceTime action, and your grandma deserves to hear the news from you directly. Make sure to cross everyone off your list before you make anything Facebook official. 

Get a manicure.

If you didn't go into the proposal prepared, you're going to want to take care of this STAT. Everyone is going to be looking at your hands very closely over the next few weeks and months, so make sure your hands and nails are looking their best. Go get a manicure—and whether you opt for sparkles, a pop of color, or some fancy nail art, pick something that complements your ring and make a standing appointment to go back in for touch-ups. And if manicures aren't your deal, just make sure to keep your nails neat and your hands moisturized! You never know when someone might ask for a peek. 

Take care of any ring maintenance.

Ask if your partner already insured the ring. You want to make sure that rock is covered just in case of emergencies; you never know when you might leave it on the plane, scratch it at the gym, or have it stolen from right off your finger. Also, consider whether or not you need to get it resized or cleaned. While we understand that you want to show it off to everyone you know right away, you also want to make sure it fits securely before you toss that hand around. Take a few photos before you send that sparkler off to the jeweler to tide you over. 

Buy a ring holder.

Now that you've got the ring insured, you're going to want a safe place to keep it. Of course, once you get that ring on your finger, you may not want to take it off...but a time will come when you absolutely need to remove it. Whether you're cooking up some homemade meatballs or painting your new apartment, you're going to need somewhere to store it for safekeeping. While the box it came in may seem like a good idea, treat yourself to something more fun, like a custom ring box. But be warned, you may get five or six of these bad boys from your friends and family. 

Enjoy the moment.

 It's natural to want to climb the nearest mountaintop and shout your good news for everyone to hear; you SHOULD be excited, after all. But before you start calling everyone on your list and planning every little detail, take a few moments (whether it's a couple of hours or a couple of days) to savor the special moment together, just the two of you. Even if your partner popped the question in a public place, just try to take some time to take it all in—the joy, the holding hands, and all the kissing. Wedding planning will quickly take over your life, so soak in these first blissful moments before the wedding hysteria kicks in. 

Start brainstorming about your wedding.

Once you've said "yes" to forever, you'll want to start thinking about some of the big picture details ASAP, like where and when you want to have your wedding. Do you want a long engagement or a short one? Are you hoping to tie the knot in the middle of peak wedding season? Consider the options, discuss what you're willing to compromise on, and get a general plan in place. You don't need to dive into ALL of the nitty-gritty details right away, but if you know you (or your partner) have your heart set on one or two things, get those special somethings in place early to avoid any unnecessary disappointment (and stress) later on.  
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