How to Plan a Magnificent New York Micro Wedding for Luxury-lovers and Adventurers Alike

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When planning your wedding, there is so much pressure to go big or go home that a lot of the time, weddings are more about managing others’ expectations than creating a memorable event for you and your partner.
A large wedding might seem exhausting, while eloping might not feel inclusive enough. If you are looking for a way to maximize your wedding, you might try thinking outside the box by daring to go small! A micro wedding might be the perfect option for couples who want to scale back their guest list without sacrificing opulence.

What is a micro wedding?

The average American wedding is a massive undertaking with upwards of a hundred guests and often costing tens of thousands of dollars. These factors often create added stress around planning a wedding, but micro weddings can make things a little simpler.
With about 50 guests or less, micro weddings are an excellent solution for couples who want to tie the knot in luxury, surrounded by only their closest friends and relatives, so without the added pressure of a massive guest list. If you choose to have a micro wedding, your guests will know they are valued, and the extra attention will ensure you all create some beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Is a micro wedding right for me?

COVID-19 has recently allowed us to take stock of our relationships and consider what is most important to us. A large wedding is not without benefits; if your heart is set on a large wedding, then a micro wedding is probably not for you. If you are on the fence or already know you prefer more intimate gatherings, however, you might want to consider downsizing.
Do you fear an extensive guest list might create fewer opportunities to connect with all of your guests equally? You might not want your memories of your wedding day to be a blur in which you have to rush around greeting guests, not sparing a moment to take it all in. If this sounds like a concern of yours, micro weddings might be just the answer you’re looking for!
Micro weddings are much more budget-friendly than their larger counterparts, they’re a nice way to spend more per person while spending less altogether. A small wedding creates a sense of exclusivity amongst your guests without sacrificing extravagance. With fewer people, you can afford to splurge on food and cocktails or more expensive favors. You might consider DIY decorations if you are the artistic type, as you will have less to make. All in all, micro weddings are a budget-friendly way to hone in on those details and make your wedding feel like exactly what it is: your wedding.

How to pick the perfect micro wedding?

The brilliant thing about micro weddings is that it is possible to do something extra special—after all, accommodating a large party is unnecessary when considering a venue! A smaller-scale wedding opens up many unique options that you may not have considered before. At Loverly, our favorite pick for New York nearlyweds is Ventura. Ventura provides a classic sailing yacht for intimate wedding ceremonies, with the beautiful New York City skyline as the backdrop.
As for how to pick the best micro wedding option for you, it always comes down to doing exactly what you want to do. The beauty of a micro wedding is that you can really put the money where you want it, which can give both you and your guests a completely unmatched experience. Whether you're gliding across the Hudson on a yacht or bundled up in a cozy cabin in the mountains, a micro wedding is an amazing way to truly personalize your wedding experience to be exactly what you want it to be.

Why go for a yacht micro wedding?

Ventura’s yacht can be fully adorned with flowers and decorated to represent every couple. Their services include a loop around the Statue of Liberty for beautiful views, followed by a dreamy day sailing around the Hudson Bay. Couples are encouraged to choose from their luxurious catering menu or private chefs to customize a sumptuous meal for their guests. Want to relax and enjoy your wedding day? Additionally, their expert servers will ensure that guests are catered to and looked after, so you can throw your worries to the wind.
Speak with your partner to decide if Ventura is the best fit for you and your guests. But we're sure that their staff will work endlessly to ensure your wedding is warm and intimate while also being the lavish wedding of your dreams. Plus, for all the luxury you get with this package, it's an incredible deal, and we always are here for that! For a 3-hour wedding charter (which includes 2 hours of setup) the base cost is just $3,950 and for each additional hour, it's a $900 add-on. Catering is an additional $600 for the private chef and $140 per guest dinner and access to the top-shelf bar. If you are planning a wedding on a budget, trying to stay COVID-19 safe, or are simply looking for a cozier option for your wedding, micro weddings are an exciting trend that is here to stay!
Plus we are just a little obsessed with the idea of a wedding on a that opulence or what? Ventura’s incredible amenities and customizable services makes them the best option for a micro wedding that is an intimate experience of pure luxury. And what more could you ask for at your own wedding? Whether it’s micro or not!
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