7 Things to Add to Your Checklist If You're Having a Destination Wedding

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As soon as you said "yes," you probably started an oh-so-detailed to-do list. And, we're guessing that it's already pretty lengthy! If you and your fiancé decide on a destination wedding, that agenda might be a little longer than most. Whether your big day getaway is in another country, or just a few states over, your big day is sure to be a blast with this handy checklist.
1. Update your passport. 
If you don't have a passport or it will expire before the wedding, you'll need to put this at the top of your priorities for an overseas soirée. Processing times vary from state to state, but it could take up to six weeks to have a passport in your hands. Typically you can expedite the process, but it'll cost you, thus making you dip into your big day budget. The sooner you check this item off the list, the better! 
2. Get vaccinations. 
Depending on where you're traveling, you might need to get special vaccinations or take certain medications to prepare yourself. Do your research and schedule a doc appointment as soon as possible. 
3. Research local marriage laws. 
If you want your marriage to be legal (pretty important), it's a smart idea to look into the requirements in your destination spot. Some require that you're a citizen or be there for a certain amount of time. For example, France requires that you live in the country for a minimum of 40 consecutive days in order to exchange vows. You may need to legally tie the knot on your home turf first. 
4. Figure out how to transport your wedding essentials. 
While it's best not to bring too much with you (rent it or rely on the venue when you arrive), there are some items you simply have to bring. Determine the best way to transport your dress, shoes, rings, and other must-have items. 
5. Book the hotels and flights early. 
Even if the celebration is more than a year away, it can't hurt to schedule your flights. The sooner you book them, the more like you are to save some moola. 
6. Plan group excursions. 
With a destination wedding, it's likely that your guests will be hanging out for more than just a night. As an extra thoughtful host, you'll want to plan a few activities for your crew. Maybe you do a low-key group barbecue or brunch by the beach, or you go all out on a sightseeing voyage and an extraordinary after-party. 
7. Take a trip to the destination before you wed. 
Planning a wedding from afar is more difficult than planning one in your own neck of the woods. You'll feel a lot better and be extra productive if you're able to spend a few days in the location. You can scout out venues and meet with potential vendors. Yes, it'll cost you, but you'll get so much accomplished! 
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