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Wedding Party Photo Faux Pas: What NOT to Do

Your invitations, your way.
They say a picture is worth a thousand why ruin it for yourself? Your wedding day is single handedly one of the most important days of your life, and while all the special moments and everything in between are what's important, there's no doubt that you'll want your photography to reflect all the love and beauty that was shared on your big day. To make sure you get the most out of your wedding photos, to have and to hold until death (or Instagram) does us part, we've turned to wedding pros on what NOT to do when taking our wedding photos!

Trust the Pros

"Letting Uncle Bob take some pics of the bridal party on his iPhone is okay, but  half the bridal party will naturally look at the iPhone instead of the camera. Not paying attention is also a huge one, listen to the photographer's direction on posing, bouquet position and the jacket buttoning situation (top button only, etc.) so you are not "that guy/girl. Remember, the photographer is the professional for a reason!” –Emily Smith, MLE Pictures

No Alcohol Beyond this Point

"Make sure to leave your beers or phones out of the photo. This should be a given, but sometimes in the rush of things, people forget. On that note, make sure you’re not too tipsy for the photo portion of the evening. Your eyes, and complexion will show it in all the photos!”–Emily Smith, MLE Pictures
Woman wearing blue dress and holding cup and jacket. via Loverly Real Weddings

Don't Be Late

"The photographer has a set schedule and needs to capture all the wedding couple's wish-list photos in a timely manner. It's really important to start the wedding party photos on time, so pay attention to when you're supposed to convene and be prompt. Round up the bride tribe ahead of schedule and be there waiting when the photographer is ready for you!” - Jenna Miller, Creative Director, Here Comes the Guide

Don't be too Uptight

"The best wedding party photos happen when the group is relaxed and natural. Unless it's a posed portrait, try and forget the cameras are there and simply interact with each other. The photographer(s) try to get a mix of formal and candid shots—so don't be afraid to talk and laugh between poses. Keep in mind that this photo shoot is supposed to be FUN!” - Jenna Miller, Creative Director, Here Comes the Guide
Newlywed smiling by barn. via Loverly Real Weddings

Don’t Forget Who’s Boss

"Bridal Party photos are a time for the bride to share the spotlight, but it’s important the bridesmaids remember to stay in their lane! Don’t be fussy about whether or not you’re placed on your “good side” when lining up for photos, and definitely don’t ask the photographer if you can take a peek at the shots from their camera. Big no no!” Kat Alvarez, Social Media, Jenny Yoo Collection

Don’t Sweat It

"Being a part of the bridal party can mean a lot of running around, especially for the maid(s) of honor! Remember to keep your cool (literally). It’s a good idea to keep deodorant and face powder easily accessible, you might want to take a quick touch up break before photos” Kat Alvarez, Social Media, Jenny Yoo Collection
Three men wearing suits and ties holding up ice cream waffle cones. via Loverly Real Weddings

Check Your Suit

"When buttoning up, never button the second button on your suit. Always just the first. Don’t pair a 3-piece suit with a belt, and while we are on the subject, never button the bottom button of the vest.Check. Your. Zipper.” - Nathan Bellah, Director of Marketing at Generation Tux “Empty your pockets. Take your phone, keys and sunglasses out of your pocket. We can see them.” - Nathan Bellah, Director of Marketing at Generation Tux

Keep Calm and...

"Keep your arms down. You may want to put your arms around your party, but it can make for an awkward looking photo. Best to just stand and hit them with the Blue Steel.” - Nathan Bellah, Director of Marketing at Generation Tux