12 Personalized Gifts for Every Couple

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Coming up with the ideal wedding gift for your loved ones can be tricky to say the very least. With so many products and offerings today, it can be overwhelming to find something that truly fits. Luckily, Things Remembered offers hundreds of personalized engraved gifts for every kind of couple in your life. From modern gifts to items that are more traditional, here at Loverly we have curated the ideal list you’ll want to bookmark right now.
“The Modern Couple” is anything but ordinary and we know these lovebirds deserve gifts that are as equally unique as they are sentimental. From a honeymoon travel bag to a fun and unique wedding guest book puzzle, Things Remembered is your go-to gift destination for The Modern Couple in your life.
The Love Story Message Box is the perfect way family and friends can display their affection for newlyweds. This beautiful shadow box includes 120 paper wooden hearts that loved ones can fill out and sign for the happy couple. 
This one of a kind canvas tote is ideal for the modern couple; especially newlyweds ready to venture on their first real adventure together. Made with 100% cotton, this day bag is durable enough for whatever comes your loved ones way.
This walnut wooden puzzle is a treasure your newlywed friends will adore. With every piece of the puzzle, a new memory will be shared and cherished. This puzzle is also customizable and can be engraved with the couple’s names and their favorite quote. 
For the traditional couples in your life, shop for all things precious that will withstand the test of time. From beautifully designed plates and dishware to stunning love knot flute sets, these thoughtful personalized gifts will be sure to make this couple in your life swoon.
This elegant plate is a sweet and thoughtful memento for the traditional newlyweds in your life. It also comes with a permanent marker specifically designed for guests of the wedding to sign and date. 
This picture frame is almost too cute to be true! It’s the perfect present for commemorating your loved ones' wedding day and can be customized to your liking. It’s sweet, simple, but lovingly appropriate for the traditional couple in your life. 
What more could you ask for when it comes to these beautiful flute sets? These elegant and classy flutes will be the center of every dining room, and your couple friends will be sure to adore these as much as we do. 
The Foodie Couple in your life is sure to embark on many food-related adventures together, so why not add even more fun to their love story? From adorable cutting boards to personalized wine totes, we guarantee you’ll put a smile on your foodie-obsessed lover’s faces.
Your foodie friends won’t be able to wipe their smiles off of their faces when they receive this engraved wood cheese board set from you! You can also customize it to your liking whether you want to add a favorite romantic quote or your newlywed couple's last names. 
Wine lovers rejoice! This tote bag is the ideal gift for wine-loving newlyweds who can take it wherever they go. It also comes with two shatter-proof wine glasses which in our opinion is almost more exciting than the bag itself! 
This four-piece nickel cocktail shaker and bar tools set are ideal for newlyweds who like to “shake” things up! You can also monogram this lucky duo’s names onto the shaker, making it even more unique and fun. 
Need an uber chic gift idea for that Glam Couple in your life? We’ve got you covered with that high quality crystal decanter to the oh-so-cozy but still fabulous looking personalized throw! 
This sparkling decanter will be the talk of the newlywed town! Cut perfectly to create more light reflection, this product is ideal for romantic evenings and dinners. You really can’t go wrong with this gorgeous pineapple-cut decanter. 
The glam couple in your life won’t be able to contain their excitement when they open this gift. This unique and chic Vera Wang cake server set is the ultimate glam gift for glam couples only. And because this gift is from Things Remembered, you can engrave a quote or loving message on it too. 
We can’t think of anything more cozy and cute than this decorative throw! This gorgeous and decadent white throw is ready to embroider with your loved ones' wedding date or names and is made from floral crystal lace to add a touch of sparkle. 
We know it can be an overwhelming task to shop for your loved ones, and even more so to find the perfect wedding present for all the different couples in your life. Fortunately for you, Things Remembered makes it easy with timeless, well-made, and personalized options across so many categories. So, what are you waiting for? Make their day even more special and memorable with beautifully engraved gifts.
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