12 Marriage Lessons We Learned from Coach and Tami Taylor on 'Friday Night Lights'

Anyone who says Eric and Tami Taylor of "Friday Night Lights" are not the world's best TV couple has either never seen the show, or they are lying. The Taylors experience the ups and downs that every married couple does, and their mutual respect, love, and support for each other is so inspiring. Read on for 12 marriage lessons they have taught us over the years. Marriage Lessons We Learned from Coach and Tami Taylor Photo by Pablo Heimplatz 1. “… Marriage requires maturity. Marriage requires two people who for the rest of their lives are willing to listen, to really listen to each other. And that marriage requires the greatest of all things, which is compromise.” 2. “...I do know you have to have trust and honesty. Without trust and honesty, it is not gonna work. I can’t give you any answers. You gotta make the answers.” 3. Communication is key. 4. You should take an interest in your partner's work, and not be afraid to share your thoughts. 5. Sometimes it's best to just get to the heart of what you're really fighting about. 6. Make your family a priority. Like Coach Taylor said, "I can tell you that your children and the mother of your children are the two most important things in life." 7. Don't underestimate the importance of hugging, kissing, and snuggling. 8. Split the chores evenly...but don't keep score. 9. Know how to properly apologize. 10. ...and how to accept an apology. As Tami Taylor says, "There's no weakness in forgiveness." 11. Don't forget to make time for intimacy. 12. "A man takes care of his wife." Seriously, why can't they be a real couple?
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