Here's Everything We Know About Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's Secret Wedding

Rumors have been flooding the internet about one of our fave celeb couples, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's secret wedding. But is it true that our girl Hails and JBeibs already secretly already tied the knot?

Well Here’s What We Know

TMZ spotted the couple at the New York City Courthouse a couple of weeks ago...our girl Hailey dressed in white. Why do you ask? Obviously, to get their marriage license, I mean why else!

But when the internet started speculating, Hailey tweeted out this: "I understand where the speculation is coming from, but I’m not married yet!" Before you start thinking they must have been at the courthouse for some other reason... she then deleted the tweet! Why delete it Hails?

Both JBiebs and Hailey are very religious and have even been spotted at church together many times. Bieber was even super-spiritual in his Instagram post he dedicated to Hailey when they first broke the news to the public about their engagement.

So maybe Baldwin doesn't consider herself “married”  until an actual religious ceremony takes place. But still...legally they gotta be married right?!!

Well, We finally Got Confirmation!

Word is that the couple reportedly revealed the news to a fan this past Tuesday who happened to be sitting next to the pair while eating at Joan’s on Third in Studio City.

Nona Melkoni apparently asked the couple if they were married and they simultaneously said “yes!”

Melkoni said "They were both very happy and kind. He told me that she’s his angel. They were super sweet!"

So there you have it, Hailey and Justin have tied the knot...but hopefully they have an actual ceremony because come on, we're dying to see Hailey in a wedding gown!