The Guest's Guide to Gifting for Each and Every Wedding Event

Between engagements, showers, weddings, and rehearsals, it seems like gifts quickly add up. Which gift is the most important? Are any okay to skip? To help navigate the social waters of gift-giving during wedding season, here are seven tips. Guest's Guide to Gifting for Each and Every Wedding Event Photo by Amber Kay Photography on Heart Love Always via  

1The engagement gift.

A very thoughtful gift from supportive friends and family, but not 100% necessary. Before being officially invited to a shower or another event, there’s no expectation to give anything. If you’re so inclined, a bottle of Champagne, or something like monogrammed towels would be a lovely surprise for the couple.

2The shower.

Typically the shower focuses mostly on the bride, but gifts for the couple are more than welcome. Think of kitchen items that would be useful to them, or miscellaneous items that would make for a happy home.

3The wedding reception.

If you choose to gift only one event, this is the one. And heed our advice, stick to the registry! The couple has taken the time to catalogue their needs to begin their new life together. If there’s something else you’d love to give to them, give it at a different time.

4Consider your price range.

This gift giving process can get expensive. While you may be eager to give the greatest gift ever at any and all occasions, it’s important to keep your budget in mind. Alternatively, if you have enough to give, don’t be stingy – this is a great opportunity to help your friends begin their new life together.

5To go off registry or not.

While gifting from the registry is highly recommended for the wedding gift, if you know the couple extremely well, feel free to come up with your own creative gift ideas for the shower, bachelor/bachelorette, or engagement gift.

6Give to both parties.

You’re likely closer to either the bride or the groom, but when giving gifts, it’s important to consider the couple as one. The wedding is about both people, so be sure to honor their union with a gift that they both will appreciate.

7Gift even if you’re not going. 

Even if you’re not attending the wedding, it’s important to give a gift to the newlyweds. Sending well wishes and a small token of your love will be appreciated. Looking for more registry ideas? Browse for inspiration: 8 Off-Registry Gifts for the Self-Proclaimed Hipsters In Your Life 9 Off-Registry Shower Gifts for the Cool Girl Bride 10 Wedding Registry Items You’ll Still Have in 20 Years