Subtle Ways To Showcase LGBTQ Pride At Your Wedding

Marriage comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and forms, and love is love at the end of the day. We love LGBTQ wedding ideas so we turned to the experts to give their tips on small & creative ways you can showcase LGBTQ pride into your happy occasion! Keep scrolling to check everything out. lgbtq wedding ideas

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  1. “I think wedding traditions have changed in general for any couple getting married and I think it's important to remember that your wedding should represent the two of you and your love story. Tradition doesn't have to be what it was because times have changed and not every couple is the same nor is their love story. You can have subtle details like using gender-neutral terms on your wedding day or make a donation to a charity that supports the LGBTQ community and let your guests know that or host a link on your wedding website so that they can donate as well.” - Kari Dirksen, Owner + Lead Planner, Feathered Arrow
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  3. “Doesn't always have to be a traditional outfit for the couple. Have the couples truly express their personalities through their attire. Whether it's fun and hip bow ties to wedding dress or tux. Let your outfit speak volumes of your personalities.” - Susan Dunne of Weddings by Susan Dunne
lgbtq wedding ideas

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  1. “There are so many ways to bring gay pride and support into your wedding day and we see an overwhelming feeling of love flowing with all guests at our LGBTQ weddings! Certainly a donation in lieu of favors to your local LGBTQ center, fun and quirky photobooth props and clever signage reminding guests why they are there are all fun ideas! We also love the idea of creating a monogram design of the couple and incorporating on accessories and stationery (2 brides, 2 grooms).” - Valerie Falvey, Kirkbrides Wedding Planning & Design
Subtle Ways To Showcase LGBTQ Pride At Your Wedding

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  1. “We love the idea of having each groomsman wearing a different color pocket square. Together, they look like the rainbow! The same goes for ties, bowties or socks.” - Nathan Bellah, Director of Marketing at Generation Tux
Subtle Ways To Showcase LGBTQ Pride At Your Wedding

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  1. “Add a splash to your bar by serving brands that are same-sex supporters. There are so many fun labels out there like Richard's Rainwater. My team plans a few weddings and events in Austin each year and we've become obsessed with Richard's - their sparkling is SO bubbly and makes an amazing effervescent addition to any non-alcoholic or alcoholic spritzer. They just released a new rainbow raindrops Pride label which adds a colorfully fun touch to any a festive event...who needs water goblets when you can tote around a stylish bottle?” - Colleen Kaufman, Owner & Planner, CAKE Event Company
Subtle Ways To Showcase LGBTQ Pride At Your Wedding

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  1. “Ben & Erik put together a super fun, informational "pamphlet" for their ceremony program. On the front, they mention the US Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage. They also decided to have one of their readings be the Supreme Court's ruling during the ceremony. It was a really special way to pull in the legalizing of gay marriage into their day.” - Jamie Bohlin, Owner at Cape Cod Celebrations
Subtle Ways To Showcase LGBTQ Pride At Your Wedding

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  1. “Love is love, and we are all about celebrating love in all forms! The celebration should begin from the moment guests walk into the venue with signs encouraging everyone to come together for the about-to-be-wed couple!” - Nora Sheils, founder of Bridal Bliss
Subtle Ways To Showcase LGBTQ Pride At Your Wedding

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  1. “Show Pride on your special day by representing the LGBTQ rainbow flag through your flowers! Choose 2-3 colors from the rainbow and then pick out your flowers. You could also pick one shade and create a monochromatic look, like purple! Looking for another way to show your pride? Make subtle tribute by using an array of colorful ribbon to represent the rainbow flag, or use a rainbow print ribbon to finish off your floral arrangements!” - Liza Roeser Atwood, CEO of
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