Why It's OKAY to Cherish Alone Time When You're in a Relationship

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It seems like some couples do everything together. They have the same hobbies, work in the same field, play the same sports, and love the same food. And that's awesome! But it doesn't mean that every couple needs to be attached at the hip—or that something weird is up with your relationship if you and your partner spend some time apart. In fact, alone time in a relationship is super healthy - we'll tell you why.

Alone Time in a Relationship - Why It's Super Important

alone time in a relationship 1. It can be relaxing. Sometimes, you just need to recharge. Whether it's napping, finally reading that book you've been meaning to crack open, wiling away an afternoon with a couple magazines, or binge-watching HGTV, these solo activities give you some much-deserved rest. You don't have to talk, give your opinion, or otherwise be "on"—you can just chill. 2. It gives you a chance for needed self-care. Taking time for yourself is a great opportunity for self-care. This is your time to exercise, paint your nails, or get a massage—something that only benefits you. Having these hours in your week is critical for your overall well-being. 3. It allows you time for professional development—and your passions. Your alone time might be spent taking a class at the local community college, practicing your art, doing self-study on a topic you've always wanted to learn more about or even just watching a TedTalk. Taking the time to develop your passions and fulfill yourself professionally is important for your career growth, mental toughness, creativity, and overall intellectual development. 4. It lets you reconnect with yourself. Sometimes, you just need a moment to check in with you. Perhaps you enjoy writing in a journal or could benefit from meditation. Taking your mental, physical, and emotional temperature from time to time is so important: You can reconnect with the person you want to be, refocus your goals, tune it to what's making you happy (or not), and discover new things about yourself. Being your best self allows you to be the best possible partner, too.
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