7 Stress-Busting Apps That'll Help You Stop Dreading the Wedding

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Planning a wedding can be a high-pressure process that turns laid-back nearlyweds into seriously stressed out couples. But, guess what? There's an app for that (well, actually there are seven...). Take a look at these stress-busting downloads that'll totally help you stop dreading the wedding. Young Woman Doing Yoga On Beach Photo by evgeny atamanenko/BigStock 1. Channel your inner zen. With so much riding on this whole wedding thing, it's easy to get anxious. Offset worries with Calm, a meditation app that will bring you clarity, joy, and peace of mind, no matter where you are. 2. Talk it out. Don't tire out your nearest and dearest with all your "I do" worries. While your besties may not care about the difference between peonies and garden roses, we do! Download the Loverly perfect planner app to speak directly with a Loverly Wedding Concierge. 3. Stay on top of your finances. Weddings are expensive, which is a leading cause of stress... Keep your finances under control with Mint. It'll help you spend smarter and save more, while keeping all your accounts, cards, and investments in the same place. 4. Treat yourself. To an on-demand massage, that is! Zeel will send a top-tier, licensed therapist to your home or office (or even your actual wedding) for a relaxing five-star spa-quality experience. Choose between a chair and table massage, and select your favorite style, from Swedish to deep tissue. Want to help your other half unwind a bit? Couples massages are also available! 5. Get some beauty rest. Everything seems better after a good night's sleep. With all the things on your mental to-do list, it can be difficult to drift off. But Relax Melodies claims it'll have you out after 20 minutes of listening to their relaxing sleep sounds and white noise tracks. 6. Sweat it off.  Of course, working out is good for you for a whole bunch of reasons—and stress relief is definitely one of them. According to this study, moving major muscle groups protects the brain from the negative side-effects of stress. Download the FitBit app to track your daily activity and workouts. For a little motivation, get your 'maids to sign up and get a little competition started. 7. Recharge. When you're knee-deep in wedding planning, it's easy to lose sight of just how hard you've worked and how much you've achieved. Take a quick break from the grind and grab a dose of empowerment with Unique Daily Affirmations. Want more awesome wedding advice? Download the Loverly perfect planner app to chat with a Loverly Wedding Concierge. Find more stress-busters here on Loverly: Our New Book Is About to Be Your New Wedding Planning BFF 7 Hacks You Hadn’t Thought of to Help You Pay for Your Wedding 5 Ways to Destress in 5 Minutes or Less Want a chance to be featured on Loverly? Join our premier vendor network.
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