How to Safely Incorporate Sparklers into Your Wedding

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Sparklers can add a magical touch to your wedding celebrations. Everyone loves a good sparkler send-off, right? Not only will your guests have fun twirling them around, but the photos of everyone holding sparklers will make some beautiful memories. 

Here are some tips on how to use sparklers at your wedding:

Choose the right sparklers: Choose long-burning sparklers that last at least two to three minutes. Avoid cheap sparklers that can burn out quickly and be challenging to light.
Safety plan: It's essential to ensure everyone is safe while using sparklers. Assign a few responsible people to manage the sparklers, and make sure to have a bucket of sand or water nearby to extinguish the sparklers after use.
Choose the right time: The best time to use sparklers is after sunset or during the evening. Make sure that there is enough light for your guests to see each other and avoid any accidents.
Plan the exit: Sparkler exits are a popular way to end the night. Plan the timing and location of the exit ahead of time so that your guests can line up and light their sparklers simultaneously.
Provide instructions: Make sure to provide your guests with clear instructions on how to use the sparklers. You can include instructions on the packaging or create a sign that explains the proper way to hold and light the sparklers.
Capture the moment: Sparkler photos can be stunning and a great way to capture the moment. Consider hiring a photographer with experience with sparkler exits, or have your guests take pictures and share them on social media using a custom hashtag.
Using sparklers at your wedding can be a fun and memorable celebration of your special day. Just remember to plan and prioritize safety to ensure that everyone has a good time.
So don’t forget to add sparklers to your wedding planning list and prepare for an unforgettable celebration!
Alexia Conley
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