4 Unexpected Things to Do Pre-wedding to Make Your Guests Love You

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Your RSVPs are in, your menu is set, and it's smooth sailing with the dress fittings. Have a second to breathe? Here are four things to do in the last few weeks that will have guests counting down to the big moment -- guaranteed.

1. Set up group transportation.

If your guests are coming from all over, chances are some of them are coming from the same place.  To make their journey easier give them the option of group transportation!  Setting up a bus or van to transport your guests to the wedding alleviates a ton of travel stress.   Your guests will have more fun and get the party started en route -- and save on cash and transportation headaches. Our friends at Buster, make group transportation super easy click here to plan your trip.

2. Let guests know they can eat easy.

No, you don’t have to cater to special dietary needs, but if you're going to have options available (a gluten-free risotto, peanut-free cake, vegan sides) give your friends and family a heads up! Guests will appreciate not having to plan out their own snacks, and if you let people know individually -- like your aunt who's eating gluten-free -- they’ll think you planned it just for them. Bonus karma points!

3. Give your friends a sneak peek of the guest list.

Let your crew scope for single hotties and get a Cliff Notes intro to the other guests (or remember the name of their second cousin twice removed) by mailing out a mini-playbill type list ahead of time. Your guests will feel special (who doesn't love to read about why they're awesome?) and they’ll have a fast "Who's Who?" guide to all of your favorite people.

4. Make directions a no-brainer.

Schedule an automatic email or text to go out the morning of your wedding (or have a friend ready to press 'send') with the ceremony and reception addresses. Yes, they're on your website. And invitation. But make it super easy on your guests and let them instantly pull up a map and directions, just when they actually need it. (Having that info top of inbox is so much easier than searching for a link to a wedding website!)

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