The DIY Glossary Every Not-So-Crafty Bride Needs to Read Now

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Before you tackle your next big DIY project, read this definitive guide to all things crafty. From hot glue guns and die cut to embossing and acrylic, here is the ultimate  DIY glossary, with all the terms you should know.

Acrylic Paint
A water-based paint made with acrylic resins. This is a commonly used paint for craft projects.

A broad term used for paper, adhesives and photos. Means that it will withstand long periods of time.

A cut-out made of fabric or paper that is adhered to your project to give dimension.

The part of fabric that stretches the most.

Die Cut
The process of using a die to cut a shape out of paper.

A tool used to create a raised design on paper.

The thickness of a piece of wire. Most commonly used when making jewelry or using wire for flower arranging.

A more opaque and water soluble paint.

Kraft Paper
A type of strong paper that can be used for wrapping or crafting. Most commonly seen unbleached and brown.

The object which you are creating on. It could be a canvas, a piece of paper, wood etc.

Mod Podge
An adhesive that can also be used to seal projects.

A tool used to find various colors and how to create them.

The blue/green rust that appears on copper or bronze due to oxidation.

A sealant applied to finish your project.
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