4 Ways to Add Pizazz to Your Wedding Cocktails

Your invitations, your way.
The wedding cocktail is an essential part of most couples' wedding celebrations, and it's one of those areas where you can really let your personality shine. Here are four ideas for adding a little pizazz to your wedding cocktails. wedding cocktail tips, signature cocktails 1. Dress it up. Don't let your cocktail class be naked -- dress it up with a fun and festive garnish. Think outside the box: add pomegranate seeds, lavender, sprigs of mint, or even use gold sugar to rim the glass. wedding cocktail tips, signature cocktails 2. Add accessories. A drink stirrer or flag makes any cocktail more fun. My favorite ideas for drink stirrers: gold sequin balls atop bamboo sticks, little flags with calligraphy reading "cheers," and famous drinking quotes on each stir stick. wedding cocktail tips, signature cocktails 3. Mix it up. Choose a cocktail that ties in your personality, season, wedding location, or overall theme. Or serve your favorite cocktails but try them in new and creative ways. Consulting a professional mixologist or even just your venue's bartender can help you think of creative ideas. wedding cocktail tips, signature cocktails 4. Make it sparkle. Add a sparkly touch with swizzle sticks...or in the cocktail itself with champagne or sparkling wine. A bit of bubbly is instantly festive! However you do it, adding a celebratory touch to your wedding cocktails makes everything a bit more festive and fun. But as long as you have the booze, your guests will be happy. Cheers!  
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