Unexpected Items You'll Want to Bring with You on Your Wedding Day

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Wedding invitation.

“Although it may not be the first thing you think to bring to your wedding, make sure you don't forget your wedding invitation. Your florist and photographer can work together to create gorgeous, memorable photos of your invitations bringing together all the details. Stunning flat lay arrangements can include blooms, ribbons, invitations and sometimes even your wedding bands. Don't miss this opportunity to capture all the details, be sure to pack your wedding invitation!” -Karese, owner of Detailed Floral Design

On-the-go Ring Cleaner.

"As a bride who got married with a dirty and dull ring, it is so easy to overlook this little detail, but it is one thing I regret the most. It is so important to clean your ring the morning of your wedding day. Your ring is the most powerful symbol of commitment and everlasting love, and you'll want it to shine its brightest as you are exchanging vows. Whether you use our Radiance Wash for a true cleaning or our RadianceTowelettes as a quick fix before walking down the aisle, we'll make sure you and your ring shine your brightest on your wedding day!" Brea Fullerton, Founder + CEO, Shinery

A laptop.

“You're not bringing this to your wedding, of course, but you can utilize your guest list spreadsheet to track gifts, cards, and cash received in another column that corresponds to that particular guest's address and contact info. When it's time to write thank you notes, you're organized and ready to go!” -Ashley Lachney, Owner of Alston Mayger Events

Sewing kit.

“Sewing kit with thread that matches suits or bridesmaids' dresses. You'll never know when someone needs a quick hem, button sewing, or a rip in the back.” Lizzy Liz, Lizzy Liz Events

Pasties for bridesmaids.

"Pasties or coverings for the girls -so many times the bra doesn't fit right, the dress is just not working in their favor.” -Lizzy Liz, Lizzy Liz Events

A good attitude.

“Most importantly, you must bring with you a good attitude! If something goes wrong--don't let it ruin your day. Hopefully, you have a planner on your team to manage any hiccups, but even if not roll with the punches and enjoy every second...the good, the bad, and the ugly.” -Nora Sheils, Founder of Bridal Bliss + Rock Paper Coin.

Black dress socks.

“It never fails that a groomsman will forget dress socks and roll out with a pair of white athletic socks. We always carry black dress socks for that reason and it gets refreshed more commonly than you would think!” -Nora Sheils, Founder of Bridal Bliss + Rock Paper Coin.

Extra shirt for the groom.

“Bring an extra shirt for the groom! Sometimes a hot ceremony or photos in the sun with a warm suit will drench that perfectly pressed shirt. Bring a change for the reception just in case, and I can almost guarantee you it will get good use.” -Nora Sheils, Founder of Bridal Bliss + Rock Paper Coin

Keepsake jar.

“At WedBrilliant, we're all about the big day, but also about the beginning of a new life together! That's why we love the idea of couples remembering to bring a little jar with them to the ceremony or reception, and at some point, during the day, scooping a little sand from the beach, or flower petals from a table arrangement into the jar. Then keep it in a special place in your home and whenever you look at it, you'll instantly be transported back to one of the most special days of your life!” -Melissa Wilmot, Founder & CEO of WedBrilliant

Emergency items kit.

“One of the main things I always tell couples to prepare to bring on their wedding day is an emergency kit of items. Even though this is something your planner will most likely have, if you're particular on items, we suggest packing an emergency kit full of goodies for you and your wedding party. Pack things like hair spray, bobby pins, deodorant, breath mints (so you can pop one before walking down the aisle), music playlist, your favorite drinks, Tide To Go pens, additional makeup, perfume, etc. Nothing is too trivial or small. You'd rather pack it up and have it, then forget it and find out you do, in fact, need it.” -Kari Dirksen, CEO and Lead Planner, Feathered Arrow Events

Comfortable shoes.

“For the Bride: a comfortable pair of shoes or sneakers! I can't tell you how many times this has saved a bride from blisters, or tired feet well before the reception ends. A plain or bedazzled pair of comfy shoes is so welcoming after trekking around the city for couple pictures, or just to change in for dancing. Your body and feet will thank you at the end of the night and well into the early morning hours!” -Dawn E Roscoe Photography

Gum/mints and chapstick.

"Aside from the obvious (wedding rings, paperwork to make the marriage legit, and payments due on the day of), packing a few staple items for your wedding day is a good way to make sure you’re well prepared for the big celebration. Keep things fresh throughout the day and evening by adding a few pieces of gum or a small container of mints in a clutch. You’ll likely have lip product on for the main event, but a little bit of chapstick will be your best friend when the night hits!” -Suzy Holman, Founder, jovi

Extra bobby pins, a hair tie, and hairspray.

“Many modern weddings have these hair must-haves in the restroom, but just in case, bring your own small supply to keep your hair photo-ready!” -Suzy Holman, Founder, jovi

Period products –just in case!

“There are few things worse than having your period on your wedding day –especially if it’s accompanied by uncomfortable cramps and bloating! Our absolute favorite new product to combat period problems is the Jovi patch. This discreet patch can be slipped right inside your dress or undergarments for long-lasting relief, without the need to pop any pills or sneak away for quality time with a heating pad throughout the day!” -Suzy Holman, Founder, jovi

A polaroid camera.

“Sure, wedding photographers are wonderful –but nothing beats being able to capture candid moments with your besties in between the ceremony and reception (or at the after-party)! If you have room in your wedding day bag, we highly recommend having one of these throwback camera on-hand.” -Suzy Holman, Founder, jovi


“Food! The wedding day can fly by. Plan ahead and bring food for you and your crew during getting ready time. You will be happy you did!” -Stephanie, Cape Cod Celebrations


“Bandages typically don’t cross our minds when we think about our big day. Yet, these things are so important! A bandage can stop the painful annoyance of a heel blister or stop the beautiful embellishments on your dress from digging into your skin!” -Lisette Gatliff, Lisette OC Photography
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