25 Wedding Planners You Need to Follow on Instagram

In this day and age, you can easily pull all of your wedding inspiration straight from social media. Between Pinterest and Instagram, you can dream up your ideal wedding with every double tap! However, the sheer volume of pretty wedding content on Instagram can be overwhelming – it’s no help if your feed is inundated with wedding imagery.  That's why we recommend curating your list of wedding planners and designers to follow, so the content you see matches your personal aesthetic.  To help all of you brides-to-be out, we created a list of the top wedding planners to follow on Instagram.  From California to New York, these top wedding planners will help you visualize your dream day. Double-tap away!   top instagram wedding planners, best wedding planners on instagram
  1. 1. Posh Parties 

2. Fête Nashville 


3. SoCo Events

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4. A Good Affair

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5. So Happi Together

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6. Unveiled Hawaii


7. Kate & Company

  8. Quintana Events
  9. Laurel & Rose
  10. Wedding Planners Monaco
  11. Rebecca Rose Events
  12. Chic Celebrations
  13. Bash, Please
  14. Amorology

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  15. Mindy Weiss

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  16. Sinclaire & Moore

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  17. Alchemy Event Studios
  18. All You Need Is Love Events
  19. Infinite Events
  20. Lyndsey Hamilton Events
  21. Hermes Social
  22. Jessica Lauren Events
  23. Kate Siegel Fine Events
  24. A Charming Fête

  25. Chani Greenbaum Events
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