Tie-Dye Do's and Don'ts for Your Boho Wedding

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As we all look for creative ways to make our wedding stand out, one trend that is here to stay is tie-dye. Whether you want to add a bright splash of color to your wedding or are aiming for a boho vibe this summer, tie-dye is a great way to bring your vision to life. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when incorporating tie-dye into your big day.

Do: Pick a Color Scheme and Stick to It

By its very definition, tie-dye already incorporates color into a traditional wedding color scheme. That being said, we recommend choosing one to three colors (all within the same hue or colors that go together well) to stick with throughout the tie-dying process. This way, as you tie-dye bridesmaids dresses, a tablecloth for your sweetheart table, and floral centerpieces, each article of clothing or decor piece will create a thread of consistency throughout the wedding.

Don’t: Get Carried Away

One wrong dip could lead to a fashion disaster, so take the tie-dying process slow and consider using just one color to avoid any mishaps. That way, the worst thing that could happen is that you dye more of your gown or suit than you had originally planned, rather than dipping your clothes in blue when you meant to choose orange

Do: Keep Even the Mundane Decorations and Accessories in Mind

There are so many wedding day items you could opt to tie-dye, from menu cards to table runners. So, don’t limit yourself! Of course, you could just opt to tie-dying dresses and ties, but why not think outside of the box and dye the flower petals the flower girl throws, your veil if you are wearing one, or the signs you include at the reception to guide guests to their tables.

Don’t: Tie Dye Every Little Thing

However, that doesn’t mean the toilet paper and utensils need to be decorated with splashes of blue and purple. Be open-minded when it comes to what to tie-dye, but also selective so those items which remain un dyed balance out the more colorful.

Do: Include Food and Drink in the Conversation

Perhaps one obvious way to incorporate tie-dye into your wedding is experimenting with cocktails and desserts. Customize your cocktail list so when mixed, the liquid swirls in multiple colors. Think Tie Dye Frozen Daiquiris and this mixed drink that is the definition of tasting the rainbow. Or, consider purchasing colorful glasses that match the tie-dye colors you are including elsewhere.
Of course, you could ask for special fondant or frosting on your wedding cake, but why not surprise your guests with a hidden surprise inside? Consider a rainbow or tye-die cake!

Don’t: Forget About Taste and Dietary Restrictions

But don’t sacrifice taste! Remember that appearances aren’t everything and that at the end of the day you still want your wedding cake to taste good. Also, keep in mind any allergies or dietary restrictions some of your guests may have indicated on their RSVP forms. Adding in artificial dyes can complicate contamination, so read the labels and make sure your caterer is aware of any dietary restraints.

Do: Consider the More Subtle Dip Dye

One specific trend within the overarching tie-dye one is dip-dying. This is perfect for a more subtle splash of color, whether you go for an ombre finish at the bottom of your gown or train, or dye the bodice of your dress.

Don’t: Double Dip

Be careful when dip-dying though, and consider leaving this up to the professionals depending on your gown. If the material or style is difficult to work with, or if you are going the bespoke route, consider asking the brand you are buying from to tie-dye the dress, as well as alter it. Renegade bridal offers an affordable custom design service to ombre or tie-dye your gown!
However, you can also go the DIY route, which definitely saves money. Owner of Want That Wedding, Sonia Collett, outlines a great guide for how to die-dye your wedding wear. 
Do: Your Research
As we mentioned above, it is important to be conscious of the type of clothing you are wearing when it comes to dying items yourself or asking a professional for help. That being said, do your research about DIY tie-dying before you get down to business. 

Don’t: Forget to Have Fun

This goes without saying but all advice aside, don’t forget to embrace your creativity and reinvent traditional wedding vibes!
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