Think Outside the Box with this Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Newly Engaged Couples

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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching there is no better time to send some love to the recently engaged couple in your life. As they start off on the long and arduous road that is wedding planning, a thoughtful gift is a beautiful show of support that will carry them to the altar. Whether it be in the form of a household essential, a luxurious pick-me-up, or a reenergizing experience. Check out our Valentine’s Day gift guide for newly engaged couples, starring unique gift ideas that will help any pair tackle wedding planning and marriage head-on.
Nothing screams adventure like receiving an itinerary in the mail with prepaid travel and accommodations. Pack Up & Go creates surprise travel plans according to a set budget. The rest of the details, including the destination, are unknown. Through a quick quiz the company will determine a getaway that aligns with the couple's interests. Only a few days prior to the set aside dates of travel will they receive an envelope with the itinerary, which they can only open prior to hitting the road or catching a plane. It’s a truly one-of-a-kind gift for couples who may be in need of a break, as well as struggle to relinquish control.
Break out rooms are a blast, and now couples can enjoy them from the comfort of their own home. It’s the perfect date night! From Thames & Kosmos, Exit the Game is a series of themed escape rooms in a box format. The couple will solve riddles, puzzles and crack codes to escape from an imaginary room within a given timeframe. What makes them so popular? They can only be played once, as part of the game requires the destruction of included parts, as well as the box itself. It can also be played with friends, so it is additionally fun for couples who enjoy hosting game nights. 
The Adventure Challenge is a company dedicated to helping couples make memories. They offer three unique booklets, all of which have the same premise. Scratch-off an item and you have to do it. Their first book, “Couples”, is all about taking a spontaneous adventure to improve romance and zest. The second book, “ bed”, encourages couples to get adventurous in the bedroom. Finally, “Dinner Dates” pairs food and adventure together. All of the books also include spaces for photos, which serve as keepsakes of the memories made.
Often overlooked, Experiences are a unique feature available through AirBnb. And a gift card to use for one or several is the perfect way to treat couples who are planning a Valentine’s weekend getaway. As well as for their impending honeymoon! There is something for everyone, whether they prefer an afternoon foraging for mushrooms in Aspen Forest or a private tour of a coffee farm in Hawaii. Once couples have booked their destination city, they can browse local Experiences to find an adventure that piques their interest.
Photo albums are a treasure but people rarely enjoy taking the time to make them. That’s why the Artifact Uprising Mini Photo Book is one of our favorite Valentine’s gifts for a newly engaged couple. The 5.5 x 5.5" album is incredibly easy to design and can feature anywhere between 30 to 120 pages. All you have to do is collect and upload the images, which you can easily pull from their personal social media profiles. If the couple has already had an engagement photo session, you can also reach out to their photographer to create an album dedicated to their engagement. 
Gaming is a pastime enjoyed by many, couples included. And with a Nintendo Switch Lite they can game just about anywhere, thanks to a lightweight design and built-in controllers. This gift is a great way to fuel a couple’s hobby and help them build a stronger connection. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Studies show that gaming together is an effective way to improve communication skills, especially when working towards a common goal. 
Although simple, a custom return address stamp is a gift that couples will thank you for repeatedly. Largely because it will save them the time, and from the pain, of handwriting their address hundreds of times. The company Simply Stamps offers a wide array of stylish and customizable stamp designs to choose from, including designs with monograms. Couples will be able to use the stamp throughout the entirety of their wedding journey. For save the dates, invitations, RSVP’s, and thank you cards.
Some couples love cooking and some are attempting to improve their skills. In either scenario, the Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook is a useful gift that will encourage them to venture into the kitchen more often - hopefully together. The book contains 650 foolproof recipes and innovative techniques that will help a couple hone their skills. All while filling their bellies and expanding their palates! For the more adventurous couple, One Pan, Two Plates is a great gourmet alternative. It features less recipes that are more challenging, designed to perfectly fill two plates.
Some couples thrive at learning together! In which case, we recommend a gift card to MasterClass. With a monthly membership to this streaming platform, couples can partake in an array of online classes covering everything from food to wellness and art. Each class is taught by professionals in the industry, such as Gordon Ramsay and Bill Nye. And the videos can be streamed on a variety of tech, including smartphones and Apple TV. This gift is an amazing option if you want to contribute to a couple's date nights, or simply encourage them to pursue their shared hobbies.
High-quality luggage is an investment - one that couples typically put on the back burner. Leaving them to settle for a backpack or a dated duffel bag, neither of which is ideal. A couple of pieces from Away Travel will set them up for their wedding night and honeymoon, as well as years of traveling and adventures. Choose between a handful of different sizes and color options, as well as shells. These pieces also have amazing and essential features, including hidden laundry bags, TSA-approved locks, ejectable USB chargers, and zipper expansions.
Is there any better way to show your love to a pair of coffee aficionados than a top-rated espresso machine? The Breville Bambino Plus is a stylish machine that delivers barista-quality performance in a countertop design. And it’s a blast to use, especially for practicing latte art. Moreso, this gift will help coffee-drinking couples stay caffeinated throughout months of wedding planning. It will also help them save a little money, which they can then invest in the big day, the honeymoon, or their dream house.
A must-have for the scrapbooker or sentimental bride, this Wedding Keepsake Library is cute and compact. Most importantly, it’s durable and well-organized. With illustrated labels, acid-free drawers, fabric bags, and stitched envelopes. So there won’t be any worries about safekeeping the precious items inside. Whether the box ends up on a bookshelf or packed away in an attic. It has a special space for just about everything wedding-related. From vertical files for stationary and cards to pull-tab boxes for flowers and bridal accessories.
A valentine’s day gift that will keep on giving, the Best Self Couples Game Deck is a fun way to get to know your partner on a deeper level. The deck comes with an array of questions that will guide couples toward a healthier relationship, and it’s as simple as having a conversation. Many of which are fun! It can be played over a fancy at-home dinner or following a date night. Topics range from each person’s past to the couple’s life together, including intimacy and expectations for life. 
A box of wine shipped straight to your doorstep? Sign us up! For vinos, nothing is more exciting than trying a new bottle of wine. And with a Winc Subscription, couples will get to try 4 new bottles every single month. Not just that, but wine from all over the world selected according to their unique flavor preferences - determined through a quick online quiz. To top it all off, if they don’t like a bottle then Winc will replace it for free. This gift is a fun way to spruce up any at-home dinner or date-night-in.
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