The #CovidBride Wedding Trends That Instagram Can't Get Enough Of

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At this point, we're all used to a little (or a lot of) disruption in our daily lives due to COVID-19, but when it comes to something as big as a wedding, things can take a little more adjusting to. Our hearts go out to all the couples across the world who have had to postpone or cancel their ceremonies; it's not an easy decision to make nor an easy process to go through. On the bright side, social media is bringing some levity back into the world of weddings by allowing nearlyweds to share how they're getting through this unprecedented time. From live-streaming ceremonies to having their officiant call in via Zoom, couples all over the world are doing whatever they can to tie the knot in the era of COVID-19. Here's a rundown of some of the different ways couples on Instagram are letting absolutely nothing stop them from getting down that aisle... even if the aisle turns out to be in their own living room.

The Homebodies

In theory, weddings are supposed to be about celebrating the love of your life with all of the other loves of your life there to witness. Sounds intimate, right? Well, in practice, weddings are also often the biggest party you'll ever host or maybe even attend. That said, things have changed a bit and these homebodies are leaning into the more intimate side of matrimony, celebrating and officiating their union in there own homes with few or no guests at all.

The Live Streamers

These nearlyweds and Instagram users represent technological era at it's finest! Can you imagine how much worse self-isolating would be without the ability to connect with our friends and family online? Actually, let's not, that's too depressing... Back to the good stuff! These couples are celebrating their weddings using online platforms like Zoom or Facebook live to connect with their loved ones all over the world. And they aren't just sharing their ceremonies, some of these couples opted to live it all the way up at home by hosting DJs and live musicians via Zoom so that all of their participants can get a feel for the real wedding reception vibe.

The Social Distancers

Despite the ingenuity and at-home romance of the above couples, some people just can't not have a ceremony. But they can abide by recommended safety precautions to help protect themselves and their loved ones. We get it, something about walking down an actual aisle does feel pretty special, so these couples decided to scale back their weddings, but still maintain the original framework.

The Coulda Shoulda Wouldas

Okay, so not everyone was so willing to give up on the big day of their dreams, but patience is a virtue, right? These couples have opted to postpone their weddings given the current restrictions on social gatherings, but that doesn't mean they still can't have some fun. Many couples who are choosing to postpone are still celebrating their original wedding days by getting dressed up, taking some sweet photos, and
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