12 Big Day Signs You Should Definitely Have at Your Wedding

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It's easy to get wrapped up in the big picture when you're planning your wedding — the dress, the photos, the band. But sometimes, it's the little things that really turns your wedding into the party of the century. So don't skip that signage! Not only can it be super helpful (people NEED to know where the bubbly is at all times), it can also greatly add to your big day theme and ambiance (think about that whole "take a seat, not a side" business). So whether you decide to DIY your directions or leave it to the pros, here are some of our favorite signs we ever saw. wedding signage
1. The Gift Table
2. Ceremony Direction wedding signage Photo by Taylor Lord 3. Dancing is That Way
4. Get Your Bubbly Here
5. Let's All Sit Together wedding signage image courtesy of: Caitlin O’Reilly Photography 6. Bride and Groom Seats
7. Photo Booth Here
8. Leave Your Advice
9. Love is Everywhere!
10. Your Dinner Awaits wedding signage Photo by Home My Design 11. Choose a Seat, Not a Side!
12. Here Comes the Bride!
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