8 Good Reasons NOT to Have Bridesmaids

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Hey, these days, anything goes in the wedding world! So, if choosing a group of friends to don matching dresses and stand beside you on the big day just doesn't feel right, then you don't have to have bridesmaids. Yes, really. In fact, here are eight really good reasons to say so long to the traditional bridal party.

You don’t know who to choose.

Maybe you have too many friends. Maybe you've lost touch with your old besties. Maybe you've got complicated relationships with siblings or future in-laws. Either way, if you choose to forgo bridesmaids, you can avoid the great debate over who to include.

You're planning for a super casual wedding.

If you want a casual wedding without the traditional implications, you can definitely ditch the 'maids! If you feel like feelings will be hurt, just explain to your BFFs that you're trying to keep things seriously low key, and that their presence is meaningful enough. 

You have a ton of family members and don't want to upset any friends.

 If you have tons of siblings or cousins, or your fiancé has family members that he or she would want you to include in the bridal party, it can be tricky to choose. If you want to avoid any hurt feelings (from friends or family) it's easier to just say no to bridesmaids. 
Photo by Monica Smith on Unsplash
Photo by Monica Smith on Unsplash

You want to save everyone some serious cash.

As a bridesmaid, you typically need to spend money on a dressaccessoriestravel, accommodations, gifts, and the bachelorette weekend. As a bride, you've gotta fork over dollars for gifts, meals, transportation, and often hair and makeup. All those costs can add up, so if you want to save everyone some money, skipping the 'maids is a great way to do it. 

You want your friends to have fun at your wedding.

Sure, they'll find time for fun no matter what role they play. But if you really want your friends to enjoy your ceremony and reception without having to worry about standing at the altar or taking hundreds of photos, you can totally just invite them as guests instead of 'maids. 

You want your wedding to be anything but traditional.

If you want your wedding to be totally non-traditional, then why not skip an uber-traditional wedding detail like the bridesmaid? 

You kinda want your wedding to be all about you and your S.O.

If you want the spotlight to be on you and your fiancé instead of you, your fiancé, and 15 of your closest friends, then just opt for a simple party of two up on the altar. Soak it up! 

You don’t want to deal with added drama.

Let's face it, sometimes even the best of friends can cause major drama. If you have a particularly dramatic crew, or you just don't want anything stressing you out on the big day, then skip the situation all together! 
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