9 Wedding Planning Tips Straight from the Pros

Collect, manage, and organize your wedding guest information for each event and track their preferences.
One of our favorite activities? Catching up with our wedding vendor pals! And once we're done gushing over their latest work, we love chatting with them about their best ideas and suggestions for engaged couples. We've rounded up nine great planning tips from some of our favorite wedding on for their awesome advice.

Be You!

"My number one tip for couples is to make your wedding yours—a reflection of your relationship, style, and personality! You do not have to have your mother’s creative, be fun, but—most important—be yourself!" - Jove Meyer, Jove Meyer

Scheduling Is Your Friend

"Planning your big day can involve some stress. Try and schedule your cake tasting during one of those stressful phases. It's always a fun part of the planning that both the bride and groom really enjoy. (Parents too!) Take a moment to remember what the day is really about over some delicious cake." - Dawn Casale, One Girl Cookies 

Plan ahead

"It's best to decide whether or not you would like envelope calligraphy at the same time you are ordering your invitations. This way you can be sure to get on a calligrapher's schedule and not be scrambling to find a someone two weeks before you want to get your invitations in the mail." - Laura Hooper, Laura Hooper Calligraphy

Think local.

"If you want your wedding to be really special and reflect who you are as a couple think about florists who use flowers from as close to where you are getting married as possible. Not only will your wedding reflect your personal style, your flowers will be fresher and you'll be supporting local farmers." - Molly Culver and Deborah Greig, Molly Oliver Flowers

Have Fun.

"I tell couples to think of their portrait session as a mini-date on their wedding day. I recently photographed a couple walking around Greenwich Village—we went to Washington Square Park, got ice cream cones at the Mr. Softee truck, and people-watched on MacDougal Street. Not only did they have a blast, they also got to spend quality time together before greeting their guests. And I was able to capture some great moments they'll always remember." - Sasithon Pooviriyakul, Sasithon Photography 

Sometimes less is more.

"Impress your guests with fewer menu options, but choose ones that are memorable, meaningful, and artfully displayed. Volume does not always express your sense of style and taste." - Cheryl Mazo, Federal City Caterers

Integrate Scents

"Scent is the number one sense tied to memory, so choose a signature fragrance to wear on your wedding day and then wait to spray it again until your first anniversary—it will trigger your memory and remind you of your special day." - Jennie Fresa, Jennie Fresa Beauty 

Do Your Homework

"The devil is in the details! When it comes to wedding invitations, it’s important to do your homework. Keep in mind that custom designs and printing take time, and you don't want the stress or added expense of needing to rush. Also, check and double check quantities of every piece of your invites, as well as all names, dates, times, addresses, and website URLs before approving. Running short or reprinting can be timely and costly." - Melinda Morris, Lion in the Sun Paperie 

Keep it Personal

"All the decor and details of the day should represent you and your future spouse, not what 1,000 other brides posted online. The more unique details we see, the more excited we are to shoot them, and the better your video and photos will be! And on the day of, don't stress over the tiny things...just realize that this is the best party of your life and rock it." - Ryan Browne and Heidi Trinklein, Ryan and Heidi Studio
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