6 Things to Consider While Planning Your Engagement Shoot

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Planning for your engagement shoot can be a daunting task. From choosing a photographer and location to determining the theme and wardrobe, there are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to your engagement photos. Whether you consult with your photographer, your S.O. or your closest confidants, here are six things to consider while planning your shoot.


Don’t forget to factor in the season when making your arrangements. When considering seasonality, take into account the weather, availability of locations, and how these photos will complement your wedding theme.
For example, if you’ve always wanted to take photos in a lush, green forest, a January shoot isn’t going to work. Or, if you’re getting married in July but take your photos in the snow, you might be sending conflicting messages when sharing the photos or using them in your save the date cards. Let the season inform the rest of your shoot.

Time of day

Depending on your vision for the images, you’ll need to consult with your photographer on the ideal time of day. He or she will know how much time to plan for the shoot, when that perfect “golden hour” will be and how to capture the right amount of light in your images. Just make sure you’re clear with your photographer on your inspiration and vision.


Be conscious of the location you select for your shoot day. You’ll want to make sure the spot suits you and your sweetie’s styles and that it would also be a good backdrop for a photo.
For example, a city street corner may seem cool in theory but could appear to be too busy in the final shots. Ask your photographer or recently engaged friends for recommendations on a location.
If you’re planning to shoot at multiple spots, make sure to buffer in a realistic amount of travel time to ensure you can get all the shots you want.


According to Kelly Greer of Greer Photography, “Your clothing can make or break your engagement session.”
She recommends staying away from busy prints like plaid, checks, stripes, and patterns and sticking with solid colors in the same tonal palette. “Stay in the same color spectrum. So no black and white – that cuts you in half and makes you look like a checkerboard,” says Kelly.
“Think jewel tones (greens, teals, and purples) or softer tones (pastel pinks, light blues or seafoam greens). Again, your attire doesn’t have to be the exact same color. Think of your clothing as a patchwork quilt. Lay everything out on your bed and step back. If anything stands out to your eye from a distance, it will stand out to the camera as well.”
Kelly also recommends layering. She says, “Layering is a great way to add texture and interest to your clothing without necessarily adding overpowering patterns. Scarfs and gauzy wraps for the girls, jackets or vests for the guys. These are great ways to add dimension without making your look too complicated.”


It’s important to consider what you’ll do with these photos. Are you planning to use them for your save the dates? Invitations? Wedding decor?
Whatever your plans are, make sure that you let your photographer know so he or she can plan accordingly in terms of poses, scenery, and layouts.


We’re not saying you have to go all “America’s Next Top Model” and plan out every pose before the shoot. It is a good idea, however, to do a little research. Look at engagement photos online to get a sense of what you like and don’t like. Pay attention to how the couple is standing, holding each other, kissing, etc.
The worst thing that could happen is that you look back at your photo proofs and realize you hate the way you look in all of them.
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