6 Things NOT to Say in Your Maid of Honor Speech

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Writing a memorable maid of honor speech is no easy feat... But as you search for stories and anecdotes to fill the page, keep in mind that there are some topics that are totally off limits on the big day. Maid of Honor Speech

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Here are six things NOT to mention in your MOH speech: 1. Ex boyfriends. Nope, no exceptions. Even if there's a hilarious story about her high school sweetheart, it will likely make the groom (and guests...) uncomfortable. Oh, and don't mention or hint at how many people a bride or groom has dated before getting married. 2. Those stories. Stay clear of super embarrassing stories about the bride (you know, the ones she would never want repeated). Telling the tale of that time she got way too drunk in college or the night she hooked up with that random guy on spring break are big no-nos. 3. The bedroom. For everyone's sake, leave all talk of what happens between the sheets out. Whether you're referencing past partners (yikes) or the newlyweds, nothing will get guests squirming in their seats like the mention of s-e-x. 4. Tales from the bachelorette. What happens at the bachelorette stays at the bachelorette. It's safe to assume that the bride doesn't want you recounting how many shots she took or how many dollar bills were spent (*wink*)... 5. Rocky relationship moments. While it can be touching to talk about what a couple has overcome, steer clear of mentioning major relationship rough patches or that time the newlyweds were "on a break." 6. Jokes about the couple's longevity. Don't say things like "We never thought it would last..." Not cool. Are you a maid of honor? Here's how to rock the role: 5 Qualities You Definitely Want Your MOH to Have 10 Signs That Your Maid of Honor Is “the One” 8 Tips That Will Help You Be an Amazing Maid of Honor  
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