How to Deal With Spending the Holidays Apart When You Just Can't Be Together

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Unfortunately, not every couple can be together during the holiday season. Whether you're parting ways to spend time with family, in a long distance relationship or your partner is in the military, it can be so tough to tackle the holidays alone. While nothing is as good as being together, here are six ways to deal if you and your partner will be apart during the holidays.

Celebrate before you part ways.

Make your own tradition by celebrating the holidays with your partner before the actual date. Trim the tree or cook a fancy dinner and exchange presents before saying goodbye.

Call regularly.

Don't forget to stay in touch with your partner. With all the holiday happenings, it can be easy to get wrapped up and stressed out. But, it's important to stay in communication while you're apart!

Give each other little surprises to open when you're not together.

Plan ahead and send your partner with a few little surprises to open when you're in separate places. It can be as small as a note or as big as a gift. We promise, your partner will love that you put some thought into this surprise.

Document everything through photos.

Take photos while you're participating in holiday activities to send to your partner. You can send them through text or through Snapchat, but either way, sending photos back and forth will help the distance seem smaller.

Include each other in activities through FaceTime.

When you can, FaceTime your partner and let them join in the fun. Whether it's while decorating cookies or opening gifts, FaceTime will allow you both to be together even when you're not.

Make plans you can look forward to.

Put something big on the calendar for when the two of you reunite and it will help make the time go by faster! 
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