What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Ideal Date Night

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It's date night! So where are you and your partner heading for an evening on the town? Whether you've known each other for ten years or just recently swiped right on Tinder, it's hard to come up with the perfect plan for what to do. If you're feeling stuck, look to the stars. Here's what your zodiac sign says about your ideal date night scenario.  
If you're an Aries...You have a LOT of energy and tend to bite off more than you can chew, so when it comes to date night, you need options. Head to an arcade and get your game on or keep things exciting with an underground concert. You live for competition, so scoring those VIP-only tickets is definitely right up your alley.
If you're a Taurus...You don't really take to new things easily, but you are VERY dependable, so a good ol' fashioned movie night with your beau is the perfect date for you. Snuggle up on the couch, put on that tried and true film you could (and have) watched 1,000 times, and bring on the popcorn!
If you're a Gemini... Head to that hot new cocktail bar EVERYONE has been talking about. Since you've got killer communication skills, you'll be able to get past the bouncer with ease. And, thanks to your ability to adapt quickly to just about any situation, you'll be able to make the best of a tight space, a loud neighbor or a pushy cocktail waitress. After a few drinks, find a low-key spot for a late night snack... 
If you're a Cancer... Get in touch with your emotional side by going to a poetry reading or indie film screening. Starting your night with a little intimate activity will pave the way for a romantic dinner complete with great conversation. After that? You're definitely in for some cuddling.
 If you're a Leo... You don't tend to shy away from the spotlight, do you? Well, then plan a date that lets you be the star! A dance club is probably in the cards because, with the moves you've been practicing in your Wednesday night salsa class, all eyes WILL be on you. After you've danced the night away, head home for a wild make-out sesh. You just can't be tamed. 
If you're a Virgo... You're SO not into being selfish, so let your date choose what you do! Or, better yet, show you've been listening (because you know you have been) by offering to take your partner out to his or her favorite restaurant followed by dessert at that new ice cream place he/she mentioned a few weeks ago. You'll be happy as long as your date is happy, right? 
If you're a Libra... Balance is kind of your thing. So keep things classic by choosing a nice restaurant, but make sure it's daring and exotic (like a Brazilian steakhouse or something cray like that). Your indecisive nature can get in the way of nailing down a solid plan, so be sure to ask your date to step in with some suggestions! 
If you're a Scorpio... A boozy brunch is totally on point for you. You like to have lengthy conversations to really get to the heart of what matters to you and your hot date: your relationship and your deepest, darkest feelings about EVERYTHING. The best part? Brunch means you can move on with your day afterward, so your independent streak can continue (and you can get some stuff done). 
If you're a Sagittarius... You have neverending amounts of energy, so make sure you book a date night activity that requires you to move around. Ice skating, laser tag or bowling are definitely your ideal way to do date night. You can spend time with your partner but also break away and do your thing for a little while too. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? 
If you're a Capricorn... You're all about setting (and achieving) goals, so find a date that challenges you a rock-climbing or a fancy cooking class. It may not be the most spontaneous affair, but hey, it's just the way you like it. You're patient and you like to be pushed! 
If you're an Aquarius... Get yourself some tickets to a local sporting event because you're all about looking for something new to get behind. You don't like the big guns (NBA, NFL, NHL...those leagues aren't creative enough for you), so find a smaller team to cheer for. Minor League all the way, baby! If you're a Pisces... A chill night in is just what the doctor ordered, #amiright? Intimacy and emotional connection are what you're all about, after all. So skip the scene and settle in for a night of wine, Damien Rice, and good conversation. —By Claire Aven
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