9 Ways You and Your Partner Can Get Healthy Together

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Still tackling those health and wellness goals? Luckily, you and your partner have an internal support system that's totally capable of tackling a health and fitness challenge, and help build healthy habits. So, grab your better half and get healthy by doing these nine things.

Healthy Habits - 9 Ways You and Your Partner Can Get Healthy Together

7 Relationship Resolutions NOT to Skip This New Years Eve, healthy habits 1. Plan meals together. It's easier to make smart food choices when you and your partner are on the same dietary plan. Spend time planning healthy meals then make it a date by grocery shopping and cooking together. 2. Vow to take a nightly stroll. After dinner, get outdoors and take a long walk. Use this time to hear more about your partner's day and to catch up on life. Hand holding is definitely allowed. 3. Sign up for a 5k and train together. Having something to work towards will be great motivation. And, if you and your partner participate in a race, it will give you an excuse to do a little running on the daily. 4. Decrease your alcohol consumption. During the week, vow to not consume any alcohol with your sweetie. You can splurge on the weekends, but cutting alcohol Monday through Friday will help you feel way healthier. 5. Try the Whole 30. Ready to really step up your health game? Complete a monthly eating challenge with your partner and don't let the other cheat! Or, try more subtle changes with your bae, like eating vegan two or three days a week. 6. Have more sex. Sex burns a ton of calories, plus it's an excuse to get intimate with your partner. Win-win, wink-wink. 7. Make it a challenge. Set specific goals and challenge yourselves to eat healthier and workout. If you and your partner make it a competition (or at least a major goal to accomplish), it will be easier to get motivated. 8. Mix up your workouts. It's so easy to get bored by the same routine day in and day out. By switching up your routine, you'll be primed for success instead of failure. Take a class together such as CrossFit or take separate classes--like cycling and rowing--but you and your S.O. can still travel to the gym together and check in with each other. 9. Support each other. When all else fails, just make sure to show your partner tons of support. Send encouraging thoughts to him or her and remember that you're in this together!  
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