Gadgets to Help Heat Things up in the Bedroom this Valentine's Day

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You won’t find us complaining about a fine dining experience or a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day. But let’s keep it real; a little action in the bedroom is the pièce de résistance. That’s why the best gift you can give, or receive, is a new adult toy! Not only will it serve you for much longer than a bouquet of flowers. It will encourage healthy communication about sexual preferences, all while taking some of the pressure off of your partner. Meaning more sexy time and, hopefully, orgasms! To help you find a gift that aligns with your partner's desires, check out some of the hottest sex toys for couples.
The OG couples vibrator, the We-Vibe Sync will be your new go-to sex toy. Worn during penetrative sex, it is designed to target both the G-spot and clitoris. Equally comfortable as it is pleasurable, the silky silicone device stays in place throughout intercourse. Making it the perfect choice if you like to switch up positions. It is also whisper quiet, in case you decide to use it outside of the bedroom. In which case we highly recommend the We-Vibe app, for a little risque fun.
If you think this toy looks a bit like a bicycle seat, you’re not wrong. But we guarantee it will be a lot more fun. A soft silicone vibrator, the Enby 2 is a toy that you can, and should, use in whatever way works for you and your partner. Hump or rub yourself on it. Fold the wings for a bit of stroking or massaging. Or place it in between your bodies and get to grinding. It has 3 speeds and 3 patterns. It is also completely watersafe, in case you enjoy getting down and dirty in the tub.
For experienced toy connoisseurs, the Lelo Enigma will change the game. It's perfect for women who like front and back action - Enigma will take care of one so your partner can focus on the other. A dual stimulation massager, it emits sonic waves on the clitoris in combination with gentle pulses inside the vagina. It is made of a soft silicone, has 8 settings, and is 100% waterproof. This versatile piece can be played with in three ways: solo, used on you by your partner, or used by you during anal.
A restraint system is a must-have if you get off on the idea of your partner having full control. The underbed system is our favorite since it fits on any mattress size and it is easy to install. You can also play around with the set up for different positions, offering an array of new and exciting uses. Made of body-safe nylon with soft lined wrist and ankle restraints, it is incredibly comfortable. 
*Note that as with any bondage, being restrained is never an acceptable surprise! Always talk to your partner and get their consent prior to trying bondage for the first time.
Ohnut is making painful sex feel better! If you suffer from dyspareunia, or find that your partner is too big, this intimate wearable ring will put sex back on the table for Valentine’s Day. The soft, stretchy rings are easily interlock and stack so that you can customize the depth of vaginal penetration. Even better, it doesn’t compromise pleasure. Made to feel like skin and ribbed on the inside, no one will feel like they are missing out. 
Fin is aptly named because it will help you finish faster. From Dame, the finger vibrator is designed to add excitement to personal touch, whether it be your own or your partner’s. Made of medical grade silicone, it is programmed with multiple patterns and intensities, in addition to being waterproof. It can also be worn several ways and comes with an optional tether. Depending on your partners preferences, try playing around with it both during and immediately after sex.
So it’s not exactly a gadget. But this pillow will be a fun and discreet addition to the bedroom. The Liberator Wedge looks like a uniquely shaped but otherwise normal pillow. But placed under the hips or butt, it will help you achieve better and longer-lasting sex. All thanks to high-density foam and precise angle. Whether you want to enjoy deeper penetration or to relieve neck pain from prolonged oral sex, the wedge will come in hand.
The latest and greatest in cock rings, the Lelo Tor 2 offers pleasure for both partners. Made of a smooth silicone, it comfortably fits all sizes to ensure longer-lasting sex. Meanwhile, 6 powerful vibration settings will help you work your way up to an intense orgasm. This hands-free gadget is especially fun seeing as it is waterproof - hello, shower sex!
Featured in every porno ever, the Magic Wand is raved about for good reason. It remains one of the highest rated sex toys on the market and is sure to be a Valentine’s gift that your partner will use for years to come. And we mean that literally. The rechargeable wand is similar in shape and size to the original, with a soft silicone neck and head, but can be used anywhere. It offers four intensity levels and four vibration patterns. We love that it can be used solo (if you partner likes to watch), by your partner, or during intercourse.
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