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In partnership with Virginia Beach When it comes to your big day, the venue dictates how the rest of the planning process will go. So, you'll want to find the perfect backdrop that completely reflects you and your better half. To make sure the sparks will fly for you and your partner, we've teamed up with the experts at Virginia Beach Weddings to bring you the best six locations Virginia Beach has to offer for every kind of couple. 1. The on-trend couple who love once-in-a-lifetime experiences. You're a romantic pair that is all about the finer details. You both want a polished affair, with a touch of high fashion—and it has to be private. Known for its charming and calm waters, Chesapeake Bay Beach hosts a multitude of waterfront restaurants and dock-access venues. Your guests can even be escorted to the reception by boat! You and your love can say "I do," while the sun sets over the bay. And maybe, even stay up late partying long enough to see the sun rise, too. All photos via Virginia Beach CVB. 2. The indie couple planning an off-beat reception full of fun. If your style is a combination of contemporary and creative design, and you're both looking for a venue that is a little quirky, then the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) is the fit for you. You'll be able to choose between the outdoor sculpture gardens where you can pitch your rustic tent reception, the dramatic Rodriguez Pavilion with it's seriously stunning chandeliers, or the minimalist-style gala atrium for your nuptials. You can personalize each and every area with all your special and individual touches! 3.The glamorous couple dreaming of a sweetly chic big day. You're the duo who is not about cutting corners. When it comes to the "I dos," your philosophy is "bigger is better." Yes, a six tier cake is an essential detail! And you want your guests to have a serious party, complete with waltzing around your custom designed dance floor. The Resort Beach, is the perfect scene for you and yours. It boasts a bustling nightlife, live performances, and an iconic three-mile boardwalk, for your dreamy, all inclusive, and over-the-top nuptials. 4. The classic couple planning a refined and elegant bash. You and your partner love tradition, and you've probably been planning this happy day since you were little. Perhaps you've always wanted to tie the knot in a beautiful, old fashioned church. The Church Point Manor B&B, housed in a sophisticated and renovated 1860's farm house is the ultimate setting. 5. The city hall couple styling an intimate soirée. You and your S.O. love spending your Sunday afternoon's shifting through vintage stores and neither of you enjoy over-the-top, elaborate affairs, preferring the romantic simplicity of a cosy homemade meal with your closest friends. You want you nuptials to be an intimate affair, with throws to the 50's, on a beautiful sunny afternoon so the First Landing State Park— a natural oasis in the midst of urban development, is the perfect (and private setting) for a beach or forest wedding. 6. The boho couple designing delightful and care-free "I dos." You're an effortlessly cool and completely eco-friendly couple. Your style is seriously ethereal so the Sandbridge Beach, located on Virginia Beach's southern shore, filled with beautiful rental homes, cottages, and grassy sand dunes is picture-perfect to pair with your flowing lace gown and gorgeous floral accessories like a flower crown.  
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