12 Over-the-Top Wedding Details We Can't Help But Love

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Whether your wedding will be dripping with diamonds or not, it's hard not to stop and stare at all those beautifully dramatic wedding details you come across while planning... Even if you aren't going for extravagance, here are twelve oh-so-glamorous big day details that are sure to inspire.
1. A beautiful bouquet wrapped in lace and the sparkliest stones ever… via Lover.ly Photo by Closer to Love  2. Betcha can’t even count all the candles in this snapshot! via Lover.ly Photo by Kristin Vining 3. This whole wedding looks like an actual winter wonderland. via Lover.ly Photo by Jay Lawrence Goldman 4. Do those floating candles remind you of Hogwarts or what? Pure magic! via Lover.ly Photo by Dave Robbins 5. If you’ve always dreamed of seeing your name in lights... via Lover.ly Photo by Polina Kholodova  6. Too much glitter? Surely there's no such thing. via Lover.ly Photo by Jenna McKenzie 7. Not every bride can pull off high glam hair and makeup—but this bride #nailedit. via Lover.ly Photo by Jessica Maida 8. It's one thing to offer a top shelf bar. It’s another to have a full bar solely stocked with the best brandy. via Lover.ly Photo by Moss & Isaac 9. Why have one three tier cake when you can have three (gorgeous) cakes? via Lover.ly Photo by Kristen Suggs 10. This table is literally overflowing with flowers. via Lover.ly Photo by Arte de Vie 11. An all-rose bouquet is already stunning, but why not add feathers and actual gemstones? via Lover.ly Photo by Beth Carter 12. The greatest champagne toast of all time. (Yeah, this was from Kate Moss's wedding, so you know it's going to be over the top.) via Lover.ly Photo by Mario Testino Find way more wedding inspiration here on Loverly: 6 Wedding Accessories You Do NOT Need to Splurge On 7 Wedding Hairstyles Inspired by Your Favorite Disney Princess Wonder What a $31 Million Dollar Wedding Looks Like?
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