14 Dogs Who Were Better Wedding Guests than Humans Could Ever Be

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Not every wedding is dog-friendly...but we have to say: sometimes we'd rather go to a wedding with dogs than one with people. Why? Because dogs are adorable, lovable, and look fantastic in formalwear. Read on to see the top dogs (pun totally intended) we'd choose to have at a wedding over a human. 1. This pretty pooch, who would never dare complain that all her friends are getting married.  Photo by: Robin Nathan Photography on Every Last Detail via Lover.ly 2. These two well-dressed dogs, who won't drink too much and start twerking. Photo by: Meghan Boyer Photography on Oh Lovely Day via Lover.ly 3. These cuddly pups, who wouldn't show up to your black-tie wedding in jeans. Photo by: Ashley Rose on Aly via Lover.ly 4. This handsome pug, who isn't going to ask you if he can bring an uninvited plus-one. Photo by: Dottie Photography on Bridal Guide via Lover.ly 5. This furry friend, who is way more responsible than the best man. Photo by: EverythingMadeUnique on Bridal Musings via Lover.ly 6. This little pup, who would never demand a gluten-free meal at the last minute. Photo by: KT Merry on Engaged & Inspired via Lover.ly 7. These two elegant canines, who definitely would not give an inappropriate toast. dogs in wedding Photo by: Joe Mikos Photography on Bridal Guide via Lover.ly 8. These two pooches, who won't complain if you have a destination wedding. Photo by: The Long Haul on Wedding Chicks via Lover.ly 9. This little one, who is definitely not going to lick everyone's face as aggressively as that obnoxious groomsman will.  Kina Wicks | Snippet & Ink Photo by: Kina Wicks Photography on Snippet and Ink via Lover.ly 10. This romantic doggie, who still believes in true love. Photo by: Gambol Photography on Bridal Guide via Lover.ly
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